If the water (coolant) in the radiator of your car starts to appear like it is in the image given below, you seriously call for a change of your car maintenance habits.

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Car’s cooling system is one of those things that you just cannot afford to disregard. This is particularly important in a country like Pakistan as the temperatures can get to extremes. You need an absolutely working cooling system both in the blistering summers plus the freezing winters as well.

Engines generate heat because of the friction of all the moving parts. And the fact that it factually has to perform detonation of fuel and air mixture within to push components so as to create movement. Those tiny explosions shove the pistons in a harmonized manner, rotating the crank, and generating movement. That is in fact the nature of the beast. That ignition of fuel creates a huge amount of heat. Most of that heat is led out via exhaust in gaseous form. However loads of that heat remains inside the metal/alloy of the engine block.

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Vehicles come with a robust system to offset that heat. The fluid (coolant) passes from side to side in various areas of the engine block taking up that heat, and then the radiator of the car cools the approximately boiling fluid down until the cooled down coolant again is pushed into the engine. Engines comes with a water pump that does all the pumping and as a consequence upholding the optimal working temperature of the engine.

In all this, it is perhaps the coolant that can have an effect on the health of engine of the car the most. use of plain water in the cooling system of the car is not at all recommended. It roots the rust and is not suitable to use for an extended period. Using just plain water in the cooling system is what has formed what you see in that photo. With the passage of time, the a variety of rust-prone metal parts of the engine that draw closer with the water start to rust, and as a consequence, you get that muddy looking water within the radiator.

If you by now have that going in your car, flush the water at once. Get the radiator cleaned from a professional, and fill up the car with a good quality coolant (antifreeze). Confirm that you mix antifreeze and water in correct proportion. Generally, it is 50/50 but you can moreover consult your car’s user manual or regularly the back of the coolant bottle also has the necessary information. Or you can presently use a quality premixed coolant.

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For radiator cleaning, there are quite a few aftermarket products If you do not want to get the car to a shop. You can clean the cooling system of your vehicle all by yourself as well. Remove the dirty water out, shift in the radiator cleaner with the correct sum of water and run the car as recommend on the cleaner bottle. Wash out the detergent and fill the system with fresh coolant mix. Replicate the process if you believe the radiator was too unclean and needs as a minimum of a couple of cycles prior to pouring in coolant mix.

Winters are about to end, and it is good if you prepare your car for the blazing Pakistani summers now.