Today we have a hot topic for discussion in which we discuss Yamaha R1 price & specifications. Heavy bikes specifications show their superior engineers skill just like Yamaha R1.

In the past heavy motorbikes only use for the race but now it’s a trend to buy heavy bikes. Using heavy bikes for enjoyment is an increase from the last few decades. Two wheels and four-wheeler both have the value in market. Some people like to ride with heavy motorbikes it’s depend on nature what you want for your life. Heavy bikes are also introduced in the international market with full protocol.


Yamaha has a long history in Pakistan in which motorbikes and heavy bikes make its strong relation in Pakistan. Pakistan has a large number of the consumer for heavy bikes. Its good performance and advance features reason of its vigorous position. The first Yamaha R1 was produced in 1999 and that edition only for racing. With the time company improve its features and covert this heavy bike a powerful series for riding.

Yamaha R1 Price & Specifications


The first Yamaha R1 win 22 titles of racing and this was the reason for Yamaha’s effective position in the world. Today Yamaha have strong name in the world of heavy bikes production and sold a high range of heavy bikes rest of the world.

Design of Yamaha R1:

Yamaha R1 Price & Specifications


Yamaha R1 Price & Specifications

The latest model of Yamaha YZF R1 is made with modern design. The style of this sports bike is aggressive and sharp just like other sports bike styles. Its aerodynamic profile makes this bike exclusive in the line of sports bikes. It’s beautiful designed rims and front lion look is attractive for its consumer.

Yamaha R1 Price & SpecificationsYamaha R1 Price & Specifications


You can say that the bike fulfills the desire for passion. Its sleek body, sharp cuts and wheel design make this model eye touching for its consumer.

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Specifications of Yamaha R1:

Before starting the debate on its specification of this sports bike, I would like to tell you that Yamaha YZF R1 is the special edition of its heavy bike line. Special edition means there is something different and advance available in the model.

Yamaha R1 Price & SpecificationsYamaha R1 Price & SpecificationsYamaha R1 Price & Specifications


There is a digital instrument cluster with power options available in this bike that is support for slide control, unified ABS, traction control, SCS, anti-wheelie control, launch control, and quick shift system. Yamaha offers fully electric throttle cable in R1 that is adjustable by driver need.

Power of Yamaha R1:

Power and performance of sports bikes is the most essential thing of discussion. The engine type of this model is liquid-cooled, 4strok, 4 valves, DOHC, 4-cylinder paired with 998cc engine power. With 6 speed transmission, it has a multi-plate assist and slipper clutch. The company has fitted CP4 in its engine that is ensure the stability of the bike.

Yamaha R1 Price & Specifications


The maximum power is [email protected],500 rpm and maximum torque of [email protected],500rpm. This powerful heavy bike offers an electric starter system. Its front brakes are hydraulic dual-disc and rear brakes are hydraulic single disc.

The dimension of Yamaha R1:

The overall length of this bike is 2,055mm, overall width is 690mm and the overall height is 1,165mm. This heavy bike including in the mid-size. The ground clearance of this bike is 130mm. It has 17-liter fuel tank capacity and 4.9liter oil tank capacity.

Why it’s popular?

Its extraordinary power and advance feature makes this model popular in the line of heavy bikes. Its noted features and stylish body is alluring for the consumer’s eye.

Yamaha R1 Price & Specifications


The stability control in heavy bikes is very important. To improve the braking system 10-spoke cast magnesium wheels are used in R1. As the wheels are light in weight it’s helpful for stability control. Yamaha uses magnesium wheels in R1 because it’s lighter the alloy wheels. Its smooth ride and fast speed are the crazes of its user.

Price of Yamaha R1:

This heavy bike including in the rich lines of bikes and its price is very high. It will cost you around 3 to 4 million. The spare parts of this bike are not available easily. You can import their parts from abroad. It means the maintenance cost of R1 is very high.


According to its consumer review, the R1 is comfortable for driving and its high standard stability control provides safety. Ride with Yamaha R1 is not as risky as its consumer statement. The superior technology of Yamaha R1 makes its position strong in the market.

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