The importance of a Shock Absorber is well known in any vehicle’s suspension system. This article looks at the requirements of the Shock Absorber for a car in Pakistan and why Agriauto’s shock absorbers are best suited according to these requirements. Aziz Autos is an authorized distributor of Agriauto Shock Absorbers.

Assembled in Pakistan

Agriauto Industries Limited has its assembling plant in Pakistan and is the only company that is assembling shock absorbers in Pakistan. Now our roads are quite different from the countries where other shock absorbers are manufactured e.g Japan. Pakistani roads feature much more off-road patches, bumps and uneven surfaces which make shock absorber requirements quite different when compared to the Japanese roads. Agriauto is assembling Shock Absorbers in Pakistan according to local road conditions and hence they are the best choice for a car being driven in Pakistan.


Why use Agriauto Shock Absorbers?

OEM/Supplier to Major Manufacturers

It is commonly known that the best part of your car is the one which came fitted when you bought a new car. Applying the same logic, Agriauto supplies major car manufacturers in Pakistan such as Toyota and Suzuki. So if you own a Corolla or a Cultus, for example, it is Agriauto’s shock absorbers which were fitted when you bought the new car. When it is time to replace your shock absorbers, Agriauto is the best choice.

Support Local Industry

Given the Economic Condition that our country currently faces, it is important that each and every one of us put in our 10 cents to help the economy out of the downturn it is facing. One of the ways you can do this is by buying local products and hence supporting the local industry along with the jobs that it provides. As I stated earlier, Agriauto is the only Shock Absorber assembling company in Pakistan. The choice is very clear to you.

In conclusion, the concept here is simple. Use what is best for your vehicle. With Agriauto, you are doing that along with helping the local economy out-icing on the cake.

Author BIO:

Faizan Bhagat is Marketing & Sales executive at Aziz Autos, a car spare parts store in Karachi. Other than automobiles, he enjoys writing, reading philosophy and looking at sunrises on beaches. Faizan can be reached at [email protected]