After announced the huge increase in car prices finally one good news has come from United Motors. The company has announced that the Bravo 800 car price has decreased 1 lac after the dollar rate comes down. This is great news for Bravo customers. However, we can expect that other auto manufacturers will also decrease car price that has been increased after the dollar rated was increased. Meanwhile right now only United Motors announced the price reduction in its 800cc hatchback.


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United Bravo 800cc Car Price

Previously United Bravo 800cc car price was Rs12 Lac and the company has reduced Rs1 lac in its price and the new price is Rs11 lac. It’s a huge decrease in the car price. The updated priced price is applied from 29 October 2020 and all new orders will be confirmed at the new price. Furthermore, the company stated that we have reduced the price after seeing the positive change in the exchange rate and we are pleased to provide relief to our customers as much as we can do. Moreover, United Motors will deliver the car to backorder customers at the current updated price. Here is the official notice by United Motors for Bravo 800cc hatchback price:

United Bravo 800cc Car Price

Furthermore Company has stated that:

•             All stock will invoice at dealerships on 29 October 2020 at the current mention price by United Motors

•             Freight charges will add according to the customer destination difference

•             Advance Tax will add according to the new price that is applicable from 29 October 2020

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United Bravo Specification & Features

After the launching of the United Bravo 800 Hatchback Company has faced huge complaints about the car. However, the company offers a cheap price tag in the market but the customer wants some updated and new features in the car.

Last year the company has done work on the complaints and updates the features in the hatchback. See below the updates that the company introduced last year:

The company added six colors (maroon metallic, beige metallic, royal blue, grey metallic, silver metallic, and white)

•             New door handles

•             Matched color side view mirrors

•             New fabric for seats

United Bravo Specification & Features

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Recently the Ministry of Science and Technology has introduced new safety standards for all vehicle production in Pakistan. Ministry has confirmed that the new safety standards are compulsory to introduce at all cars and prices will never increase. Pakistan automotive industry needs improvements to meet the standards of the international level. From last year the prices of cars in Pakistan continuously increase due to the unstable condition of the dollar rate. The stable condition of the dollar rate increases the chances of reducing car prices in Pakistan.

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