By the general loss of value by Rupee and its devaluation, it has been cited by Toyota as the reason just as behind increasing the prices of its cars. Indus Motor Company has often suddenly raised the costs of vehicles for the sake of the third time and previously the two price hikes that were also the result of the devaluation of Rupee. As by no such kind of the improvement in the value of local currency, there have been so many other auto manufacturers have also increased the process of their vehicles many times to accommodate on the loss of value regarding money.

Toyota Raises Prices For Cars By Upto Rs 1.9 Million

As to be effective from the March 2018 the Indus Motor Company had often raised the prices up to almost Rs.300000. Well, the latest new prices are subject to the discussion than when these will be effective. It has been all the more speculated that new rates will be effective from 1 July 2018.
Nevertheless, the rise in the Toyota Car Prices in Pakistan will even cause some of the vehicles prices to increase by as much as Rs.1.9 million. Honda is also featuring out with the expanding increase to its fleet prices and follow the strategy of motor giant Toyota in the wake of rupee devaluation. The costs of bikes have been on the whole increased by Atlas Honda some time ago, and once again the prices of cars will also get the rise as expected. Toyota is all set on the plans regarding setting the massive hike prices of most of its vehicles yet again just as citing the recent rupee devaluation as the reason behind the spike. This has been mentioned to be the third time that the Indus Motor Company (IMC) will increase the prices of its vehicles. The previous of the two price revisions were done in the timeline light of the Pakistani rupee’s devaluation as well. Not just the Toyota, but there have been so many major auto manufacturers that have increased the prices of their vehicles multiple times as this year as on the value of local currency slides in amount.

In the previous, the IMC had often increased the prices by as much as Rs 300,000 that was for sure effective from March 22, 2018. The company is all set as to announce when the new price will take on with the effect. However, according to the inside sources, the new rates will come into force after July 1, 2018. It would not be wrong to say that this time the prices will all the more be increased by as much as Rs 1.9 million for some Toyota models.