Under the enforcement of FY Budget 2020-21, locally manufactured double cabin vehicles FED tax is 7.5%. After the announcement of the new tax Toyota Hilux 2020 gets price hike. New prices of Toyota Hilux 2020 take effect from 1st July 2020.

Indus Motor Corporation issued new prices after the enforcement of the new FED tax. The government has not only increased the locally manufactured double cabin vehicle prices under the budget 25% FED tax imposed on the imported double vehicles. Moreover, in the line of increasing vehicle prices, Honda Atlas and Yamaha also increased the prices of its motorbikes.

Toyota Hilux 2020 Price:

The new prices of Toyota Hilux 2020 are mentioned without freight charges. IMC increased the price of all its 4 variants of Toyota Hilux 2020. According to the details, the price of IMV III STD has been increased by Rs413,000 which has increased from Rs5,499,000 to Rs5,912,000. The price of Revo GT gets increased of Rs443,000 it has been increased from Rs5,899,000 to Rs6,342,000.

The prices of Revo G AT have been increased by Rs, 465,000, new issued price is Rs6,664,000, and the old price was Rs6,199,000. The price of Hilux Revo V AT gets an extensive price hike by Rs492, 000 and the new prices are Rs7,041,000. The old price of Hilux Revo V AT was Rs6, 549,000.

Final Verdict:

Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) stated that auto manufacturers were expected relief in FY budget 2020-21. As per the current situation the sale of the auto industry down. Due to COVI-19, lockdown automakers face a huge loss in sales. The sale of Hilux dip by 37%, in May 2020 only 72 units of Hilux sold and at the same time last year, Toyota sold 468 units of Hilux.  The current situation is going worst on automakers as there is also on sale in June. The auto industry waits for the lifted lockdown by the government to enhance sales. As there is the only way to restart its sale. Leave your comments in the comment section about the price hike and increased of FED tax on double cabin vehicles. Stay connected with Auto Deals for latest updates