When it comes to common passenger vehicles, Toyota is the foremost hybrid technology. One of the most victorious hybrid family cars in the world is perhaps the Toyota Prius .Toyota being so proud if its hybrid technology, introduced its elite Toyota Century luxury sedan.

Now Toyota has commenced to place its hybrid technology in its concept vehicles. Toyota Japan unveiled two new concept vehicles on Friday last week at the Tokyo Motor Show;

  1. Toyota GR HV Sports concept
  2. Toyota Tj Cruiser crossover concept.

The GR in GR HV Sports stands for Gazoo Racing that is actually Toyota’s motorsports arm. Conversely, the T in TJ stands for “toolbox, ” and J stands for “joy.”

As the name suggests, The Toyota GR HV Sports concepts is a sports car concept and is deeply stimulated by Toyota 86 sports coupe. on the other hand, when you come across at the front end, you will observe how drastically diverse it is from the current 86. Other than 86 is not the muse there. You obtain Toyota’s Targa top in the concept car too which is evocative to Toyota Supra. However what is under the hood alters all. GR HV Sports concept is operational by means of the same drivetrain which is there in Toyota’s Le Mans and WEC racing TS050 race car.

The Toyota Tj Cruiser crossover concept is the second vehicle. Toyota plunged in the crossover grouping with its C-HR vehicle. However the Tj Cruiser crossover obtains the somewhat diverse approach. Toyota has tried to fabricate such a vehicle that can not only be used as a  van but also can be used an SUV. The reasonableness is the answer here. However distinct from the GR HV Sports concept, Tj Cruiser crossover concept has fabrication of a 2.0L hybrid drivetrain.

Either these vehicles come into existence or not but they unquestionably seem remarkable. What are your views? Kindly lets us know.