Do you want to buy a brand new perfect car in Pakistan? Here is the right place to suggest the top-selling brand new cars in Pakistan. The automotive industry of Pakistan is the fastest growing industry because the competition of automotive technology is very high. The high competition forces the automakers to invent new ideas and adopt advance technologies.

The fast automotive industry of Pakistan always tries to facilitate its customers with a special vehicle that’s offer advance technology. The global auto market is very far ahead from us and every day we try to meet the standards of the global industry. International brands also provide their services in Pakistan many 70% of our public trust the international brand and they choose their vehicle. The investment of international brands also helps full for our economy and help us to fulfill the need for a vehicle in our country. The machinery and production of local brands are not comparable to them. They make our auto industry strong and powerful and decrease the ration of unemployment in Pakistan. The short story is international auto manufacturers is a need of our country.

Let’s talk about some top-selling cars of international brands that have a strong history of production in Pakistan. Below are the top-selling cars of the Pakistan auto sector.

Toyota Corolla:

The Top Selling Brand Nekw Cars in Pakistan

Toyota is a Japanese automotive brand and has a strong customer relationship all over the world. Every year company has sold thousands of its vehicles in which sedan, SUV’s and luxury cars included. Corolla is the top-selling car of Toyota and the company has won the reward of the top-selling car of 2019. In Pakistan corolla is the most demanding car because of its quality and design. The car is available in both transmissions automatically and manually. The company has introduced the 12th generation of the corolla in the global market and has planned to introduce in Pakistan very soon. The style of this car is sleek and decent it has equipped with powerful engine power 1.3L. You can also choose the transmission which you like to drive an automatic or manual.

Honda City:

The Top Selling Brand New Cars in Pakistan

Honda is a Japanese classic car production brands and delivers its vehicle all over the world. it is a blessing full point for us that the company has a production plant in Pakistan that produces its vehicles in our country. Honda has not only the producer of car its also produce motorbikes and heavy in Pakistan. Honda is including in the luxury car producers and City is the top-selling car of Honda in Pakistan. The performance of the car is very satisfied with our public. The biggest quality of the car is its fuel-efficient best car in our local market. The rates of petroleum products are very high in our country and people want a fuel efficient car for family and the City is the best option.

Suzuki Swift:

The Top Selling Brand New Cars in Pakistan

Suzuki is famous in the Pakistan local industry as the best small car producer company has provided affordable cars for family use and target low-income employees. The ration of small cars purchase is high because it’s easily reachable for the people who can’t buy big cars. Small cars have a good capability for fuel-efficiency. Swift is including in the best family use car and it’s equipped with 1.3L engine power. The car is available in two transmission manual and automatic with different price tags. The shape of the car is a hatchback and look vise the car is small but best for family use it has 4 doors.

KIA Picanto:

The Top Selling Brand New Cars in Pakistan

KIA is the South Korean auto manufacturer brand recently company has rejoined Pakistan for vehicle producing and this time they come with strong investment plans. KIA Picanto is the small production of the company to compete for the market of Suzuki Cultus and its take positive response from its customer. The company has introduced two variants in Picanto manual transmission and automatic transmission. The design and style of the Picanto are unique and new for our public this is the big reason why everyone gives special attention to Picanto. Before KIA there is only a Suzuki Japanese brand that provides a trustable small car in our local market. The launching of KIA affects the sale of Suzuki because the new style and model always gain attention.

Honda Civic:

The Top Selling Brand New Cars in Pakistan

Honda Civic is including in the high priced cars of Pakistan but when we see the function of this car the price is not much high. As compared to the City Honda Civic has sharp cuts and design in its exterior that is defined as the boss style on the road. There are two variants of Civic available in Pakistan Civic 1.8L and Civic VTI Oriel 1.8L. its strong engine power looks unique on the road. In the global auto market, Honda Civic is available in 4 variants LX, EX, EX-T, and EX-L. The car is favorite in our country because its engine power can go fast as compared to the other low engine power cars.

The above cars are the top-selling best cars in Pakistan and best for long time use. Most of the customers are looking for a car that is good for a long time. Above all cars are run a long time and give a good experience.

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