BMW launched its new model BMW Z4 sports car with latest specifications and design. The new BMW Z4 comes with new features and latest technology. The new BMW Z4 has a fabric top, dropping the weight measurement and center of gravity. The new BMW Z4 has offers a comfortable seat to drive and enjoying the driving the speed and engine capacity of new BMW Z4 has generated for the new generation according to their desire of car speed. You can say that the new BMW Z4 is road star as well. The new BMW Z4 replace the Z3 and this time the company provide more elegant and comfortable drive for its consumers

All about Z4

The new BMW Z4 makes for the car lover who enjoys the driving Z4 offers a new technological feature for its users and offer an amazing interior. The new BMW Z4 replaces the Z3 and now this time the company offers the all-new design and features for the generation. The BMW Z4 is far sharper to drive. Its automatic and latest features will comfort you to drive fast and safe on the road.

All about Z4 -


The new BMW Z4 has the latest specification. The ARAI mileage is 10.37 km and the new BMW Z4 has powerful engine 3.0 the roadster BMW Z4 deliver outstanding engine performance and the fuel type of new BMW Z4 is petrol. The new BMW Z4 has 2 seats. The engine capacity of new BMW Z4 shows that the car is made for the fast runner and the new BMW Z4 has automatic transmission.


  1. The new BMW Z4 has latest features like:
  2. Multi-function steering wheel
  3. Touchscreen
  4. Engine start and stop button
  5. Automatic climate control
  6. Anti-lock braking system
  7. Power adjustable exterior rearview mirror


The new BMW Z4 has an amazing interior its offer adjustable steering column, electronic multi-trip meter, digital lock, cigarette lighter, electrically adjustable seats, outside temperature display, digital odometer, and height adjustable driving seat.

Interior -