The government has announced to reduce the price of petrol. Last 3 months government has increased the price of petrol for some government reasons but the 100 days process has been completed and the government has fulfilled their promise to the public that they reduce the price of petrol. The government slashed the petrol price by PKR 2 per liter. The last few months petrol and diesel prices are increased due to some government policies but now on Friday government slashed petrol price. The high-speed diesel prices are also decreased by 6.35 per liter and the prices of kerosene oil and light diesel oil reduce by 46 paisas and 60 paisas. The new prices of High-Speed Diesel will be RS. 106.57 And Light Diesel Oil RS. 75.96 per liter and kerosene oil will be RS. 83.50 Per Liter.

Why Petrol Prices Are the Increase

In the last few months, the new government has started new policies and that’s why the petroleum prices are increased but now last Friday government slashed the petrol price and this is good news for the public because the petrol is major need of the vehicle. It’s not easy for the government to increase prices and the oil prices are run with the international market but the government has taken this step for some betterment of the country and take some decision for the public that’s why the government has increased the price of oil. In the last few months government has started this policy that take some new policies that are why they increased the production prices in which the petrol prices are also included but the government already announced that this policy only for 100 days and when the 100 days are completed the government has reduced the prices.

Effects of Slashes Petrol Price

The continues increases the price of petrol will depress the public because this is a basic need of everyone today everyone is going on the vehicle and the increase of petrol price will be depressed down the public but now it’s a good news for us the Government slashed petrol price by PKR 2 per liter. This will good impact on people and it will the cause of fall down inflation. The increase of Petrol Price also increases the inflation rate. The slashed in petrol price will good impact on public and as well the economy because in the international market will also decrease the petrol price. The government expects that the slashed in petrol price will not only impact on the petrol prices but also the impact to boost the economy and will also help to increase production. This is a big news for us that the government slashed petrol price.


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