Tesla, one of the innovative car manufacturer, has for all time astonished people with its ground-breaking ways of creating things either its cars or lithium-ion batteries. The company, not many months back, commenced Tesla model 3 Electric Car that was admired by automobile enthusiasts internationally.

Elon Musk, Company’s CEO is an extremely enthusiastic supporter of electric cars and has been trailing people to toggle to electric-powered cars from gasoline-powered cars to fight next to global warming. And at the present the company is one step nearer to its aim of mass producing electric cars.

According to a media outlet, Tesla has completed a contract with Shanghai authorities with the help of which the company will shortly be manufacturing its electric cars in China, which will finally make Tesla the most important manufacturer and producer of electric cars. Furthermore, it is relevant to talk about here that Tesla probably be the first ever non-Chinese automaker that is going to set its plant on Chinese soil. China for all time agrees to foreign automakers to commence the plant in the country if they link with local Chinese partners.

The novel manufacturing plant will likely to be built in Shanghai’s free trade zone. The foremost intension is to reduce the cost of electric cars in China. Up till now no precise date has been made known by Tesla regarding the development of the plant. That means that when the company will initiate construction of the plant or the design of the plant, and its capability of making electric vehicles.

China currently is the most important manufacturer of electric-powered cars, and this newest business enterprise with Tesla demonstrates that promise of the Chinese Government to seep out fossil fuel powered cars. We have to speculate now that how far this partnership will go. In addition, what are the probabilities that one of these Chinese Teslas will finish up in Pakistan.