In the year 2017, UK firm Qwest Norfolk came up with the introduction of the fantastic and stylish rework of the back end of a Tesla Model S P90D. This was all about the fact as to transform the electric car into a shooting brake. It is all engaged as to accommodate a canine companion called Ted. Now in the year 2018, Dutch firm RemetzCar has also attacked the rear of a Model S for the sake of the first of 20 electric shooting brakes.

Tesla Model S Restyle Broadens Station Wagon Appeal

The shooting brake build is not taken as to be the first time RemetzCar has converted a Model S. It is not a much-known fact that the company had previously reworked the Tesla sedan into a quiet and yet the stylish electric funeral transporter. The name of Model S Hearse also knows it. In October 2017, a new project was hence launched out. Thus, the whole build on manufacturing has been commissioned by shooting brake and electric car enthusiast Floris de Raadt. They did even mention the statement that whether the vehicle has the custom electric shooting brake that could be developed. The overall design has been all the more derived from the London-based Niels van Roij. Hence the whole conversion merges seamlessly in the medium of the Tesla base vehicle. It has been all the more communicating though form, as well as design language and materials. It is coming out to be the complete tailor-made Shooting Brake.

The core portion of the model has been somehow left pretty much untouched. It is all set with the redesign concentrating on the rear. It has been all fashioned with the aluminium body panels as well as with the new C-pillar and fitted an utterly new tailgate. You will often be taking into account with the rear spoiler, and yet with the hidden wiper and brake light. Chrome trim is also part of it that has been all running from the A-pillars along the roofline and around the panoramic roof. The final touch has been all given away with the electric shooting brake a new paint job. It is ideally added with the green metallic with a twist of gold that does give away the Model SB with the elegant yet striking appearance.

The RemetzCar Model S Shooting Brake will be coming up with its public debut at the International Concours d’Élégance Paleis Het Loo in place of Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, on June 29. There is good news that the series run of 20 models is planned in it as well.

This was the complete end of the discussing the Tesla Model S Restyle Broadens Station Wagon! There are so many of the more unusual and exciting features that have been made as the part of it at best. You will be finding its sleek designing to be its main attraction for sure. Wait for 29th June because soon it is launching on the worldwide level will be carried out!