So here is the first ever Tesla that has landed onto the soil of our country. A beautiful white 2017 Tesla S 75D. Furthermore Pakistanis are also keeping an eye on the Tesla electric cars and would like to import the cars in the country. However the dilemma is that there is no tangible information on the subject of its customs duty and on the whole, the price estimation of Tesla electric cars. Prior to chat about the customs duty and estimated price; Have a bit of info about the Tesla first.

The American automaker up till now has shipped three different electric vehicles; Model S, Model X and the most recent Model 3. Model 3 is exclusive as only it has a steering, a 15-inch bezel-less touch screen panel within the car and not anything more. The Model S has the MSRP of (base price) $58,570 (prior toa federal tax credit of $7500 and an added 3-5 thousand State credit). The 75D (75kW battery), that has been imported to Pakistan; the price starts from $74,500.

Custom duty


As per Pakistan Customs Tariff 2016-17 (PCT code heading/subheading– 8703.9020),  have a 50 percent customs duty on electric vehicles in light of their MSRP (manufacturer’s recommended retail price). They should not be older than three years. In easy terms, if a Tesla car cost around Rs.4 million in that case one has to pay 2 million customs duty. In this 75D’s car that has a price tag of , let’s say, PKR7.5 million, the duty will be PKR3.75 million. Remember these are rough estimations .

Pros and Cons of Tesla in Pakistan:


Coming to the Pros of importing Tesla car in the Pakistan. The most focal point is that Tesla electric cars are trouble-free to maintain—means they have less maintenance cost. You don’t have to trouble yourself by thoughts about how to maintain car’s engine just like conventional cars because the cars don’t has an engine. As the cars are all electric so they are eco-friendly. It merely has a brake fluid, and not anything else.

Coming to the Cons, the car is operational with an electric motor, and if by some means the motor catches fire or gets any type of  damage then you have to import the part which is going to cost you a large number because in Pakistan, there is completely zero Tesla support. This is not only limited to just motor, if any part of the car gets a potential damage and that part is to be changed, it will cost a large number for the reason that you have to import the damaged part.

In addition, there are no superchargers for electric cars in Pakistan at present. Consequently it means you cannot take a trip to long distance with Tesla electric cars. The lone choice right away is to charge the car from your home. Superchargers are fast chargers which can charge Tesla cars in only some minutes for example Model 3 if charged with the help of Supercharger for 15 minutes can depart to a 300Km range.

All Tesla cars are associated to the company with the help of internet connection that the Tesla set up with various companies for example, in November 2013 it proclaimed a deal with Telia Sonera for the carrier to power in-car systems in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, and Latvia. This association lend a hand Tesla to send updates (OTA) to the car to assist the customer for an enhanced and smooth ride. Also, Tesla collects telemetric data from the car all the time. In Pakistan, there is no relationship between Tesla and local SIM providing company in Pakistan with the help of which the customer can get updates.