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Terms & Conditions

Autodeals.PK Stocks:

We have got what you need!

In the Autodeals.Pk stock section, there is a vast collection of vehicles to purchase online. All the prices, with respect to particular region, are quoted on FOB and C&F terms.

All the mentioned prices can be negotiated and welcome all inquires. FOB or C&F rates can also be negotiated upon request only when you visit us for direct purchasing.

Auctions in Japan:

Dive into the sea of Automobiles!

Autodeals.PK, on the online auction system, puts forward more than 200,000 vehicles per week. It takes part daily in auctions from all around the globe. On daily basis, Autodeals.PK obtains auction data and photographs from the auction. The desired information then gets filled into the e-Motors and from our Online Auction page it is then offered online.

To submit a live bid onto the online auction system, a refundable deposit is required.Autodeals.PK’s customer service, at regular intervals, in person verifies the deposit status of each customer. Services are accessible 24/7. After a successful Bid, deposit payment is mandatory within Five days of the purchase through Telegraphic Transfer (TT).

Terms of Trade:

  • Prior to making a transaction, the Customer should be registered on our Website. (Registration is absolutely free!)
  • No deposit is mandatory prior to validating any car from the Ready Stock.
  • Through Telegraphic Transfer (TT), full or partial payment is necessary within the period of seven days of verification. Before shipment, a deposit is required with the remainder due before the release of the Original
  • Once you get login credentials, Prices can be viewed with full vehicle details.
  • Prices, either in C&F or FOB terms, are quoted in United States Dollars (USD) & Japanese Yen. Customers have the option to pay in US Dollars, Japanese Yen, Euro, Pond Sterling
  • Attention! If refusal or payment is delayed for the cars bought from the auction house as Customer Order by due date,PK reserves the right to cancel penalty of minimum 100,000 JPY/$1,000 USD or its entire loss and penalty charge. If any refusal or delay of payment takes place for the cars bought from Autodeals.PK Stock by due date, Autodeals.PK holds all the right to charge the cancellation penalty or its entire loss and penalty.


For the prevention of anti-social transactions, Autodeals.PK has setup a platform. Innovative steps are been taken by Autodeals.PK that involves the collaboration of anti-social affiliations of new business partners .It has also taken prevention steps in basic procurement contracts and sales contracts by putting in the clauses for the eradication of anti-social forces.


The information contained in Autodeals.PK and its Website is only for general information purposes and on “as is Ebasis.Inspite of the fact that all the information is kept updated and clear-cut, we do not give you any approval of the precision, fullness, accessibility or consistency of any data or information relevant about all the vehicles, services and associated graphics uploaded or either circulated by means of website comprising all the information relevant to bulk mails as well as the quotation mails. It is to be kept in mind that any dependence put on such information or data is totally dependent at the user’s own risk.

In addition, Autodeals.PK doesn’t claims any warranty or demonstration of any content, goods and services that are given or are linked with the website. Any links contained within does not essentially point toward recommendation or endorsement of any content provided in those links.

Not in any event will Autodeals.PK, affiliates, employees, agents and representative, held legally responsible for any loss or damage counting without limitation, indirect, consequential, incidental, punitive or any other loss or damage coming from or in correlation with the use of Autodeals.PK website, its postings, its content or any errors or omissions in its content.

Autodeals.PK Strives hard in attaining the website updated and working properly. Autodeals.PK reserves the right of creating any upgrades and amendments that may contain correction and omission in any segment of the contents of the website exclusive of incurring obligation and notice.