We all know that, when it’s the time to bring in a new car in Pakistan, Pak Suzuki has for all time been quite late. Greater part of the models that are put forward has constantly been moreover retired from the rest of the world or generations lag behind the international versions of that artile.

The eternal Ravi & Bolan (Carry) are from the 70s as Mehran (2nd gen Alto) is from the 80s. Margalla & Khyber of the 90s were also more than 10 years old models even back then. The global lifetime of 4th gen Alto hatchback is sandwiched between 1996 and 2004; on the other hand Pak Suzuki blessed us with the Alto in year 2000 and sustained to sell it till 2012.

Baleno was commenced in international markets in 1995 and was modernized with a facelift in 1998. Opposing to this Pak Suzuki start on the pre-facelift Baleno in Pakistan in 1998 and unveiled the facelift in 2002, the same year when the car was globally discontinued.In 2005 Pak Suzuki bring in the Liana sedan in Pakistan, and again it was the year when the sedan was discontinued from the rest of the world. In 2015 Suzuki Kizashi was launched in Pakistan some 2 years after it was internationally discontinued.

Pak Suzuki ,this year,bring in two comparatively newer vehicles as per their standards. First was the Ciaz sedan which marked Pak Suzuki’s reply in the sedan segment and the other was the Celerio hatchback, rebadged as New Cultus restoring the 27 year old MK-II Cultus in our country, Even though the local production span of the 1000cc hatchback was 17 years (2000-17).

Sorry to say both Ciaz and Celerio were commencd in international markets almost 4 years ago and that’s when automakers revive their models with facelifts. And while Pak Suzuki hasn’t ended celebrating the launch of the above two vehicles, the world is on track to receive the facelifts.


Suzuki in India has started on the Celerio facelift the recent past which features

  1. A new front fascia,
  2. A vaguely diverse rear-end and an updated interior.
  3. The Celerio now get a hold on a new front end with a reworked mesh grille along with chrome bits.
  4. The front bumper gets new air ventsand re-designed having for fog lamps.
  5. The rear bumper too has been somewhat twisted while the hatchback carry on to keep up its contemporary look.
  6. Interior of the Celerio facelift features new high contrast interior with Black, Grey and Beige combination.
  7. Silver accents, fresh seats, new upholstery with an abstract pattern and door trim fabric design further enhance the cabin’s visual appeal.