The special discount offer on the variants of Corolla 1.3L has announced by the Indus Motor Company (IMC) on the auto loan by Bank Alfalah.

Note here, that this offer is only valid if the consumers buying a Corolla 1.3L variant from the auto loan of Bank Alfalah.

As per the details, this is a limited time offer. Toyota Indus motor halted its production plant for the last 10 days of September 2019 because of the decline in the sale. This offer introduces to facilitate the consumer and try to attach the consumer again with the sale. In the current market position, this is a good offer for the consumers to buy a car Corolla 1.3L through Bank Alfalah’s loan and get a discount.

Special Discount Available on the Toyota Corolla 1.3L Variants

This offer is only valid on these variants of Corolla 1.3L:

Corolla XLi 1.3L
Corolla XLi AT 1.3L
Corolla GLi 1.3L
Corolla GLi At 1.3L

The consumers who avail of this offer can save up to 100,000 on ex-factory prices. Below are the current ex-factory prices of the above variants of Corolla 1.3L:

Corolla XLi 1.3L MT Price PKR 2,499,000
Corolla XLi 1.3L AT Price PKR 2,599,000
Corolla GLi 1.3L MT Price PKR 2,749,000
Corolla GLi 1.3L AT Price PKR 2,849,000

The consumer can buy these models on installments and Bank Alfalah offers a very less for the installments consumer can buy a car on the per month installment of PKR 44,502. this is a very good offer by the company to enhance its sales and attract the consumers to buy its cars. Recently Toyota company has also plan to open a door for Toyota Yaris. There are several times Toyota Yaris seen in the road for road testing its means company testing the Yaris road performance.

Special Discount Available on the Toyota Corolla 1.3L Variants

On the other side, the local auto manufacturers face a very tough time under the new taxes and high duties the sale of the cars is down every day the high prices of the vehicle not acceptable for consumers. All the local auto manufacturers try to go up to its sales and in this regard, they introduce the new vehicle in the market to attach its consumers with the sale. The decline in vehicle sales clear that the demand for the vehicle is low in the market and this happened because of the depreciation of rupee value. The current economic situation is not good and the inflation rate is very high in the country this is a reason that the auto industry suffering in a loss.