The government announced that its compulsory for both rider and the person who sit behind the rider must wear the helmet. The government also banned 2 or more persons sit on the bike will face a challan fee. The government makes these rules for us to save our lives from any trouble. The helmet is compulsory for both persons who are on the bike and also the mirror of the bike must be able for seeing the back. The accident ratio increase day by day and most of the accident causes are because of not wearing the helmet. The helmet is compulsory for both the rider and the person who sit behind the rider because it will save you.

Rules for Carrying the Passenger on Motor Bike

The government has made rules to make all of them a good citizen and disciplined nation as well. The government has made rules for the pillion passenger:

  1. You passenger must wear a helmet
  2. The age of your passenger must be 8 years old and their feet easily reach the passenger footrest while sitting on the bike.
  3. The government has banned to carry more than one passenger on your bike
  4. The government has announced that if you are not able to carry the passenger on your bike you are not allowed to carry even one pillion passenger.
  5. Don’t allow to your pillion passenger to interfere while you are driving the motorbike.

Why Helmet Compulsory

The helmet is compulsory because it will save you and your pillion passenger from any swear injury and will help you to handle the problem because the most sensible part of our body is our brain head and helmet will save our head and will help us to see the situation and tackle the situation easily. Helmet rules for pillion passenger are now compulsory. The government has announced that if your pillion passenger did not wear the helmet he will not allow riding with you because both lives are important for the Government. Try to wear the helmet in which you are comfortable and drive easily. Wearing helmet can reduce the risk of your head injury.

Helmet Compulsory -

Helmet Safety

The government has made rules for ourselves so don’t try to break the rules otherwise, you will face a trouble from the traffic police side. Because the strike rules are assigned from the government that must wear the helmet while driving on the bike and also this rule is applied on the pillion passenger. Helmet saves us from the accident and if you will face an accident helmet will save your head from swear injury. Must replace the helmet after any injury because the damaged helmet foam will not work perfectly.

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