The Malaysian Auto Maker Proton collaborate in Pakistan with Al-Hajj Motor to produce Proton’s car in Pakistan. The company has a plan to produce its best SUV vehicles in Pakistan and they already already working on it.

Recently Proton X70 was round on the road for completing the testing process and previously we see the Sega Sedan 1.3 Liter several times on the road for testing. Malaysian Auto Maker Proton producing vehicles in Pakistan with the collaboration of AL Haj Motors. Al-Haj Motors has received a Greenfield status under Auto Development Policy 2016-21. proton X70 is very closed to the launching because it see several times on the road for the road-testing process.

Proton X70 has a successful story of sale as the company has already sold its 26000 units from 2018. the car was launched in 2018 and the company received over humbling responses. The company produced Proton X70 with the collaboration of its partner Geely. The company was launched X70 in 3 variants:

  • Proton X70 TGDi Premium (2WD 1.8 Liter)
  • Proton X70 TGDi Executive (4WD 1.8 Liter)
  • Proton X70 TGDi Executive (4WD 1.8 Liter)

The entrants of new auto manufacturers are a positive sign for the auto market of Pakistan because the auto sector of Pakistan is continuously declining. The recovery of the auto sector is possible if the foreign auto manufacturers invest in the country and help local manufacturers to produce the vehicle. The demand for SUV vehicles in very high in our country the Proton X70 is a good option for the consumers.

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