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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Company’s Description: AutoDeals.Pk is Pakistan’s Best marketplace for buying & selling used & new cars online in Pakistan. The website is fully functional and live so Import Japanese Cars now! Find Japanese cars from live auctions brand cars Suzuki, Honda, Toyota etc.

Company’s Services: Import and Export Cars, Custom Clearance, Car Registration, Car Parts, Online Auction Sheet Verification.

State policies for:

  1. Standard delivery times of goods and services: 1 Working Day
  2. Return/exchange of goods and services cancellation of orders: We refund full amount if we didn’t fulfil customer needs

Refunds and refund policies

  1. No Refund on Auction Sheet Verification, If Data Is Found On Our Website.
  2. We Only Charge If We Find The Required Data.
  • We Give Full Return, If Customer Doesn’t Like Our Products.

Transaction currencies: USD and PKR

Customer Data Storage:

Customers Data Will Be Stored On CheckOut Page and We Need the Following Details

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Mobile Number
  4. Address, City, Country
  5. Company Name
  6. Order Description

We Don’t Share Out Customer’s Database to Any Third Party .For Any Marketing Purpose.

Data Is Saved On Our Server Only.


Autodeals.Pk is well aware with the significance of giving its customers the best, honest and quality work. We Confirm, that our business have no questionable and illegal products and no replica and duplicates. From the course of business activities, the personal information of its customers obtained by Autodeals.Pk is of great importance and value.

To protect our customer’s Personal Information is our first priority. We endeavor to protect the Personal Information from information security threats by means of our Basic Policy. Autodeals.Pk takes radical steps to handle all the personal information with all the commitment and assurance.

 (Personal Information Protection Policy)

  1. Autodeals.Pk follows the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, Act on the Use of Social Security and Tax Number System (which is basically the Individual Number or “My Number E in the Administrative Procedure and other relevant laws, rules, and guiding principles established by the government and other regulations.
  2. To safeguard Personal Information, Autodeals.Pk has setup a management framework. It has allotted a person to “Personal Information Protection Administrator Eposition and executed an accurate protection for it.
  3. Personal Information that is used by Autodeals.Pk only lies among the range of the intended usage. This thing is that is evidently communicated to customers. Autodeals.Pk takes actions about the Personal Information not to be used outside the scope of work. Information provided by customers to third parties is not revealed by the company except the only scenario in which the approval of the customer about the Personal Information or incase there is a legitimate reason.
  4. Autodeals.Pk takes strict measures to prevent unauthorized access to Personal Information or the leakage, loss, or damage of Personal Information and continually enhances, remediates and manages information security.
  5.  Autodeals.Pk is very responsive to the inquiries regarding Personal Information or requests from customers for disclosure of their Personal Information honestly and exclusive of any postponements.
  1. Personal Information

Personal Information is actually the information consisting of such information like a User as an individual, which can spot the User based on the name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, educational institution, or other descriptions, etc. Besides, any type of information that can’t spot out the User exclusively by itself but can effortlessly be collected with other information and, consequently, identifies the user, is also included in the scope of Personal Information.

*”Personal Information” is elaborated in this Privacy Policy, exclude Specific Personal Information, etc.

  1. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

The Personal Information used by Autodeals.Pk will be contained in the scope of the purposes provided in the Purpose of Use. We make it clear to our customers the specifically defined Purpose of Use and this is
and is proclaimed on our website as elaborated below.

Autodeals.Pk will be putting efforts to limitize the Purpose of Use according to the circumstances in which the information is obtained.

  • (1) Attaining the Purpose of Use of our service and business.
  • (2) Notices of service, etc. to its customers.
  • (3) Giving notice to shareholders, provision of various types of information and shareholder management
  • (4) Exercise of rights or performance of obligations founded on Act of Japan and other relevant laws and ordinances
  • (5) Acting in response to inquiries, requests, etc. from its customers
  • (6) Execution of operations incidental to (1) through (5) above and operations to correctly and efficiently dealing with the business of Autodeals.Pk

In case of handling Personal Information outside the scope required for ataining the Purpose of Use, customers consent will be seeked by Autodeals.Pk exclusive of the scenarios set in Paragraph 3 of Article 16 of the Privacy Act.

  1. Provision of Personal Data to Third Parties

Without the customer’s consent, Autodeals.Pk will not provide any Personal Information to a third party, except for scenarios where any of the following takes places:

  • (1) Compulsory under laws or ordinances;
  • (2) Compulsory to safe guard human life, body or asset (including that of legal entities) and hard to acquire the approval by the customer him/herself;
  • (3) Trade to a consignee laying inside the scope essential for implementation of our business
  • (4) to use Personal Information in cooperation with a group company or a business partner of Autodeals.Pk laying among the scope of the intended use;
  • (5) To supply, in an unrecoverable format, Personal Information in a format that is not easily recognizable or identifiable of the corresponding individual.
  1. Disclaimer concerning the provision of Personal Information to third parties

If any of the subsequent applies, Autodeals.Pk will not be held accountable for the acquisition of Personal Information by a third party.

  • (1)A User shows his/her own Personal Information to a specific company, by means of any function under the Services or by other means (As for the handling of Personal Information in the Service Using Companies, etc., please directly make inquiries to each of the Service Using Companies, etc.);
  • (2) Under the Services, a User is unpredictably identified by information entered by the User;
  • (3) A User gives Personal Information to, and the User’s Personal Information is used at, an external site connected by the Services; or
  • (4) Other any person except a User gets hold of the User’s information (ID, password, etc.) which can identify the User as an individual.
  • (5) Furthermore, computer viruses or similar causes leaks Personal Information.
  1. Supervision of contractors

All or part of our customer’s Personal Information handling operation may be consign by Autodeals.Pk . In such scenario, To properly handle Personal Information ,Autodeals.Pk choose a contractor who is expected to suitably specify matters regarding handling of Personal Information like Security Management Measures, confidentiality, terms and conditions of reconsignment, return of Personal Information upon expiration or termination of contract agreement, and carries out essential and suitable management.

  1. Handling of Sensitive Information

Sensitive Information to a third party will not be provided, used or collected by Autodeals.Pk, except the information concerning your healthcare or case history, apart from for cases provided by the Privacy Act, other relevant laws, ordinances and guidelines.

  1. Handling of Specific Personal Information, etc.

The intention of Useage of Specific Personal Information, etc. is restricted under the “My Number EAct, and Specific Personal Information will not be collected or used by Autodeals.Pk further than the prescribed Purpose of Use. Specific Personal Information, etc. will ot be provided by us to a third party apart from in cases allowable under the “My Number EAct.

  1. Notice of Matters, Disclosure, Amendment, or Suspension of Use of Personal Information and Specific Personal Information, etc.

Any notice of matters, disclosure, amendment, or suspension of use of Personal Information and Specific Personal Information, etc. upon Customer requests ,that is held by Autodeals.Pk under the Privacy Act shall be heading for the “Contact Office” as indicated in Clause 11 below. The customer is asked for to complete a form chosen by us after confirming the customer as the requesting part. Autodeals.Pk afterwards be following the procedures and, on paper, give a written response in a proper, timely manner. A prescribed fee for responding to a request for any disclosure will be charged by Autodeals.Pk.

  1. Use of Cookies, etc.

To offer better services on its websites,Autodeals.Pk uses cookies, etc.

  1. Management of Personal Data and Specific Personal Information, etc.

To manage Personal Information and Specific Personal Information, etc,Autodeals.Pk will be taking a rational security measures firmly and to put a stop to divulgence, loss or damage to Personal Information and Specific Personal Information, etc. handled by Autodeals.Pk. The company will guarantee the accurateness and prompt updating of Personal Information and Specific Personal Information, etc. that are necessary for accomplishing the Purpose of Use.

  1. Contact Information

If you have any issue regarding our policies you may contact:
Name: Muhammad Ali Niaz

Cell: +92 322 6696699

Email: in[email protected]

Website: https://www.autodeals.pk

Office Address: 86-H, Gulberg-III, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

Any complaint or consultation regarding the handling of Personal Information and Specific Personal Information, etc. will be properly and straight away be responded by Autodeals.Pk. Please contact the office indicated below if you seem to be having inquiry or matter for consultation concerning the handling of Personal Information and Specific Personal Information, etc. by us.

Customer Service Contact:
Mobile: +92 322 6696699

Email: [email protected]

  1. Review of Privacy Policy

The practice of handling of Personal Information by Autodeals.Pk is in accordance to laws and other standard practices, and the company continuously struggles to improve the above activities exclusive of any preceding notice. Privacy Policy may be revised as per changing of rules such as law. When this Privacy Policy is updated, We will post the alterations to this Privacy Policy and update the effective date.

  1. Other

This Privacy Policy’s original version has been prepared in Japanese. In case of any divergence among other language and Japanese versions, the Japanese version will preside over.

The law of Japan will be governing the use of the Website and the interpretation of the content of Website. It is to be agreed upon that If any dispute arises or anything regarding to the usage of website, the initial hearing should occur in the jurisdiction of the Yokohama District Court.