The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) recommended to the government to decrease the price of petrol for December.

After the decrease, the price of petrol in the international market Pakistan Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has sent a summary to the government to decrease the price of petrol. Recently the government passed this summary and the decrease in the prices of petrol will effect from 1st December.

According to the details, the government offers a little discount on the prices of petroleum products and decreases the price of diesel by PKR 0.24 per liter. The price of light-speed diesel and kerosene oil decreased by 2.90 per liter. Here are the new prices announced by the Ministry of Finance:

  • Price of Petrol: Rs. 113.99 per liter
  • Price of Diesel: Rs. 125.01 per liter
  • Price of Light speed Diesel: Rs. 82.43 per liter
  • Price of Kerosene Oil: Rs. 96.35 per liter

The prices of petroleum products not stable at one point from the start of this year. The prices of petroleum products have not increased in Pakistan the price of petrol increased in the international market and its effect on every country. Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan highly focused on the electric vehicle just because to decrease the import of oil and spend this money in other ways. The high prices of petroleum products affect the fares for public transport.

The decrease in the price of petrol will affect the fares of public transport? What’s your opinion? Comment your opinion in the comment section and stay connected with Auto Deals for more updates and news.