Social media viral the news that the government has a plan to increase petrol prices again for April 2020. Recently on 25th March 2020, the government has reduced the price of petrol to relieve the public in this critical situation of the country.

According to the official statement by the Petroleum Division, this is fake news that government will unchanged petrol and diesel price the reduce prices of petrol are the same in April 2020. The government has reduced the prices of petroleum products because currently we are fighting with coronavirus and in this tough time government reduces the prices to helps the public. The government has lockdown all province only food supplier and the person who have a valid reason for travel can go out. Below is the official press statement by the petroleum division regarding the prices of petrol:

Petrol Prices Not to Change for April! Petroleum Division

National Highway and Motorway Police (NHMP) has closed motorway across Pakistan for the safety of people and mentions that without any justifiable reason no one car travel on the motorway.

Click Here: National Highway and Motorway Police Closed Motorway across Pakistan

Here are the prices of petrol after the reduction of Rs15/- per liter:

  • Price of Petrol: PKR 96.58
  • Price of High-Speed Diesel: PKR 107.25
  • Price of Kerosene Oil: PKR 77.45
  • Price of Light Diesel Oil: PKR 62.51

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