Pakistan’s first electric vehicle policy has been approved by the government. The decision is taken after the month of deliberations. Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan personally focus on this project and have the aim to convert 30% of the vehicle into Electric Vehicle. This policy is not only made under Green Pakistan, but it’s also helpful to reduce the import of oil in Pakistan.

The prices of petroleum products increasing fast in the international market. Pakistan including in the countries that highly depend on the import of oil.

Electric vehicle policy help to clean our environment and reduce pollution. The carbon emission vehicles spread pollution in the environment that are the cause of health disease. To protest the environment this is very important to work on this project. Many countries already use Electric vehicles to reduce the import of oil and reduce pollution.

The assistant of Prime Minister Imran Khan Dr.Firdous Ashiq Awan and Malik Amin Aslam talk to the media and said that local dealers already working on this project. Malik Amin Aslam told that “ I recently visit the Karachi for the Electric Vehicle policy project and I saw that local dealers almost complete their work on it 90% and just wait for the approval to sent it to the market”.

Further, he said that EV policy is including in a cheaper because of the vehicle battery charge by the electricity and its cost lower than the oil. Our country annually spends $2billion on the import of oil. We hope that electric vehicle policy help to save this money and spend it in another good way.

According to the details they are not only focusing to convert carbon emission cars into electric cars battery they have also plan to convert even two-wheeler and three-wheeler (motorbike and Rickshaw) vehicles into an electric vehicle. Another plus point of the EVs policy is helping to boost the local car manufacturer’s sales. From the last few months, local car manufacturers face many problems in sales.

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