Lacking international safety features in vehicles is a big issue in Pakistan. A lot of complaints about locally produced vehicles we have seen on the internet. The great news surface that Pakistan will get international safety features.

The production of vehicles in our country is growing fast. The entrance of several automakers makes our auto industry popular and enhances the production level. The entrance of a new company creates competition in the market. Pakistan has finally ratified that it will meet international safety standards by using international safety features in vehicles.

Noted that the government has passed strict orders to local manufacturing companies that do not provide low safety features. Previously the issue arises many times by the consumer about cheap safety features in locally manufactured cars.

Pakistan Standard and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) stated that it’s our need to introduce standard safety features to maintain quality. The currently produced vehicles in Pakistan are tough to drive in a critical situation and bad weather. We should adopt advanced features that are suitable for our infrastructure. Our infrastructure is comparatively low, we should make our infrastructure smoother and faster.

Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) addressed we should meet international standards to make our industry popular. In this regard, we should follow the standards rules that are also suited to our roads. The condition of our roads s bad and driving on Pakistan backward area roads is more difficult and risky.

The step to adopt international safety standards will also help to promote our electric vehicle production. The Electric Vehicle policy of Pakistan has approved by the mutual understanding of stakeholders and government. in which they have aimed to convert 30% of vehicles into the electric vehicle by the end of 2030.

Hence, it’s a need to improve our quality to meet the goals. We should focus on the on-road testing process of every single locally manufacture vehicle to ensure that we do not compromise on safety. To improve ourselves we have to do hard work on vehicle production.