The rising price of cars directly effects on the sales of cars. In Pakistan to buy a brand new imported car is not possible for everyone because of the economic circle. From the last year, the trend to produce local cars increases in Pakistan to meet the demand of people under their budget. In 2019 automakers launch their local cars in Pakistan with the cheapest price to win the market and promote the automobile industry of the country.

Recently Regal Automaker launches its cheapest price brand new car in Pakistan Prince Pearl. The company offers high-quality technology and features in this car. The competition of brand new cheapest cars in the market is high but the prince pearl is one of the best cheapest price cars with all high-quality features.

About prince pearl

Prince pearl comes with a surprising new feature for Pakistani people. This brand new car has 800cc engine power. Prince pearl is one of the best car available with low price in Pakistan. The advanced feature of this hatchback increase it’s demand in the market and increases the level of competition. Prince Pearl is the production of 3rd largest motorbike brand Regal Automobiles. The company already produce the best quality motorbikes in the country and its new introduction will be more beneficial for the company.

Features and specifications

Prince pearl has come with advanced features for its users the 800cc engine, 60Nm torque 40Hp forty horse power5500rpm. This car will have all needed and expensive feature including a central lock system, power steering, digital speedometer, automatic windows, air condition. This car has two variants automatic and manual both are made up according to the demand of customers.

Price range

The price of this car is not high as compared to its features. The company set the price of this brand new vehicle according to the purchasing power of the people. The brand new prince pearl price is around 7 to 8 Rs. lac and this price give the hard competition to the automobile brand new cheapest price cars because in this price range no one provides a high-quality car with advanced features.