One of the largest transportation company of Pakistan Bilal Travels has started a new route from Pakistan to China.

Bilal travels is private transportation company and provide their good quality services in Pakistan from many years now the company has collaborated with North-South Transport Network (NSTN) to start its new route to Tashkurgan China through Khunjrab Pass. Company has started this trip for 15 days from Lahore to Tashkurgan China with the return journey. The bus service is made with luxury and comfortable seats for passengers. According to the company plan the bus departs from Lahore pass from Islamabad, Mansehra, Bisham, and Chillas and cross Khunjrab pass for entering China and drop off is Tashkurgan China. The per-person ticket charges are PKR 15000 for one side and return ticket, the charges are PKR 28000 the tickets are available you can book your ticket without any inconvenience. You can book your ticket online or call the helpline number 042-111287444 to book your ticket. The seats are made with luxury material and comfortable for passengers.

Pak China Bus Service Started by Bilal Travels-

Before Bilal Travels has started this new route Shuja Express has provided the bus service for Lahore to China. Bilal Travels is the second private company that provides this bus service and bail Travels has set their ticket charges lower then Shuja Travels. In November 2018 Shuja Travels start the bus service from Lahore to Kashgar China and the charges are PKR 16000 per person. For traveling on this bus Valid Visa and National Identity Card are required (CNIC). The bus service is including in luxury services all the necessary refreshments provided in a bus and also make several stops for refreshment and make the journey enjoyable.

This is great news that the two private transport company provide bus service for traveling one country to another. As compared to the air ticket the bus ticket is affordable and with inflation, the rates of air tickets are higher. This step encourages tourism and the people who love to travel are easily fulfill their wish to visit China at an affordable rate.