Once again the depreciation of rupee value against dollar affected the prices of vehicles. Yamaha and Honda bikes prices bump due to the increased dollar strength in the international market.

Yamaha stressed that the company took this decision after increasing the dollar strength in the international market. The last ump in Yamaha Prices affected in February 2020 and it’s very earlier that the price hiked again. The rapid increase in vehicle prices in Pakistan affected the sale.

Yamaha bumps the prices from Rs.5000 to Rs.6000 and it depends on the vehicle. The new prices set to affect from 1st July 2020. Detect below the updated prices of Yamaha bikes:

Honda Bikes Prices:

Honda Atlas has also announced to increased the prices of its bikes and the notify prices affect from1st July 2020. See below the bump prices of Honda Atlas motorbikes:

Automakers said the increase in dollar rate affects the cost of production. It’s also a worrying situation for us because once a price increased it poorly affects sales. The slight change in Yamaha and Honda bikes prices affect the consumer’s mind. The high amount of taxes and custom duty charges influence the prices of vehicles.

Relief in Budget 2020-21:

The government gives relief to lower production levels and removed Ambit of Advance Tax (AAT) on vehicles up to 200cc engine power. During the budget speech 2020-21, Federal Minister of Industries and Production Hammad Azhar stated that the purpose of tax removing is to provide relief to lower strata of society.

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