The trending of producing Electric Vehicle increase in the global market. Nissan has unveiled the Ariya EV at the Tokyo Motor Show for the concept of moving electric vehicles. After Nissan Leaf, this is a second car that Nissan has the plan to introduce. The company has set the platform to produce this vehicle and introduce it in the global market next year. To show this car at the Tokyo Motor Show means the Ariya is closer to the production and coming soon in the global market. Nissan starts production of Ariya with the partner Renault. on the other side, Toyota shows a mini Electric Car for two-person at Tokyo Motor Show.

Nissan EV Ariya Nissan EV Ariya

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The style and shape of Ariya are new for its consumer and Nissan produces Ariya with a new concept for the world. The cuts and the sharp style body of Ariya are more interesting for people. The company has made the design and body cuts of Ariya change from the other car available in the market like Ariya. Ariya is a new concept car for the world. The front aggressive grill with the logo of Nissan looks Ariya more unique and stylish.

Nissan EV Ariya

The interior of the Nissan Ariya is made with black color and two large display screens dominate the dashboard. There is no button at the dashboard and it makes Ariya more unique. The interior is luxury and sensitive as there is no button at the dashboard.

Nissan EV Ariya InteriorNissan EV Ariya Interior

I hope Ariya will come soon and introduce a new concept to its consumers. Nissan user giving high response for the Ariya when it shows at Tokyo Motor Show. Everyone waits when the company completes the production process of Ariya and launching in the global market.

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