National Highway and Motorway Police (NHMP) has closed motorway across Pakistan to protect the people from coronavirus. Traveling is the biggest cause of spreading the virus all over Pakistan and for the protection of the citizen, the motorway is only open for the purpose of food supply, oil and other essential things that are needed. Below is the official statement by National Highway and Motorway Police:

“Private vehicle to be allowed on the motorway with two or fewer people who have a valid reason for travel”

The virus is spreading very fast in Pakistan and for the protection of people, lockdown is very important. The government imposed lockdown in almost all over Pakistan and all types off production are closed expect food and other necessities of life. Currently, the production of the vehicle is completely closed and all of the manufacturing companies leave their employees from work to stay home and stay safe. It badly affects the economy and the sales of the vehicle but it is necessary for us to save lives from this virus. The time is to save yourself from this virus because it is very dangerous don’t travel in this situation if you have any emergency to travel follow these safety tips:

  • Wear face mask
  • Wear hand gloves
  • Keep sanitizer with you and use after touching any type of things you keep from the public
  • Keep maintain social distance
  • Avoid contact with on public
  • Avoid shaking hands
  • Avoid food from public

These are the simple safety tips that are very important to follow while you are traveling. The time is going very tough for Pakistan and we can save our self and other peoples just to avoid meeting with the public.

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