Recently Punjab Finance and Transport Department has sent a letter to Punjab government to increase the fare rates of Metro Bus by Rs 20 per person.

According to the details, the Chief Minister of Punjab Usman Buzdar takes the decision to increase metro bus charges by Rs 10 per person. Moreover, the CM Usman Buzdar told that if we increase Rs 20 per person it’s overburdened on the public to pay Rs 50. he also told that the wagon and rickshaw also charge Rs 40 to Rs 50 on the route of the metro bus provide.

CM Usman Buzdar said that transport service requires an annual subsidy of Rs 12.30 billion and if the government approves a latter of increase Rs 20 per person it will reduce to Rs10.5 billion. He mentioned that we will never put overburden to the masses.

The above information is updated after the confirmation of the Punjab Government. Let us know your opinion about the increase in fares for Metro Bus? Stay connected with Auto Deals for more updates and news.