A massive hike in PAK Suzuki car prices reported today. The company has reported a huge increase in its car that has never seen before. The trend of increasing car prices is still on in the international market. As of the PAK Suzuki statement the new prices are applied from today. There is no reason mentioned by the company regarding this price hike. It’s not the first time that company has not to mention the reason behind the change. Suzuki is a Japanese automotive company and produces local cars in Pakistan for Pakistan automotive industry.


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PAK Suzuki Car Prices

The news break before a few days back that PAK Suzuki increase its car prices but the company has clarified that the news is fake but this time it’s mandatory to mention that this price hike is true according to our source:

Car ModelNew Price in PKROld Price in PKRIncrease Price in PKR
Suzuki Cultus VXR1,780,0001,745,00035,000
Suzuki Cultus VXL1,900,0001,865,00035,000
Suzuki Cultus AGS2,030,0001,985,00045,000
Suzuki Jimny4,490,0003,990,000500,000
Suzuki Vitara6,500,0005,500,0001,000,000
PAK Suzuki Car Prices

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Pakistan Local Auto Market

The price hike situation is the same in all auto manufacturers of Pakistan. The prices of vehicle bump after releasing the lock-down and no reason mentioned by them. Previously they give a reason for the price hike due to the unstable dollar rate but this time they can’t use this reason because the dollar rate is stuck on one point from the last few months. There is also no additional tax announced by the government for sedans. In the budget 2020-21 government has announced additional tax only for double cabin cars. The sale position of the local market is not well as compared to the previous few years and maybe the biggest reason is the price hike after every few months.

Pakistan Local Auto Market

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PAK Suzuki car prices revised 6 times in just 9 months but the recent price hike is unbelievable. The increase of 1 million in Suzuki Vitara price maybe affect the sale of this vehicle. PAK Suzuki not only increases the price of its car company has also revised the prices of its motorbikes. Whenever companies increase the prices it affects the sale because a sudden increase in prices affect the consumer purchasing power.

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