You’re not the single one, if you have a hard time coping up with the infotainment systems in new cars. These systems are off-putting for drivers, being the basis of taking  their eyes off the road and hands off the wheel for quite a risky sum of time, says a new study from AAA(American Automobile Association).

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety put an effort with researchers at the University of Utah to calculate the visual and mental command of completing a task in 30 diverse 2017 model-year vehicles, in addition to how much time it took. Members were asked to make a call, send a text message, tune the radio, or program the navigation system using voice commands, touchscreens, and additional input methods, all while driving.

Taking your eyes off the road for just two seconds makes two times the risk of a crash was said by the previous research , AAA found that moving to a new target into the navigation system could take drivers more than 40 seconds. At 25 mph, that’s adequate time for a driver to take a trip through the length of four football fields, a lengthy distance to be sidetracked from the road.

“Some in-vehicle technology can create unsafe situations for drivers on the road by increasing the time they spend with their eyes and attention off the road and hands off the wheel,” said David Yang, head of the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, in a statement. “When an in-vehicle technology is not properly designed, simple tasks for drivers can become complicated and require more effort from drivers to complete.”