Indus Motor Corporation Toyota again introduce another scheme for its consumers to enhance its sales volume and attract its consumers with something new.

This is not the first time that the company has introduced a scheme for its consumers in back IMC introduced many discount offers to its consumers. This time the offer has two benefits for its consumers IMC has add 3 more premium colors in Corolla XLi and free registration for limited first customers. Here are the 3 colors IMC launched in Corolla XLi:

  • Super White
  • Graphite Grey
  • Silver Metallic

    IMC Toyota Add More Colors in Corolla XLi

Toyota Corolla XLi is the top-selling car of IMC Toyota its available in two variants in the auto market Manual Transmission and Automatic Transmission. The market of Corolla XLi is not going up as compared to FY 2018. The sale of Corolla XLi down from the last year 2019. The company has introduced new strategies and offer to its consumers to increase the demand.

Note here, the new colors of Corolla XLi only available in Manual Transmission. IMC has offered free registration for its first 200 customers and this is a limited time offer. You can book a new Corolla Xli Manual Transmission from any authorized 3S Dealership of IMC Toyota.

The low economic activities and high inflation affect sales. Local car manufacturers use different strategies to increase sales. Car manufacturers were think that the new year will increase the volume of sale but still they are very disappointed because sale volume is still going down. Toyota Corolla XLi was the top-selling car of IMC and the demand of this vehicle never down in the market but bow company has many unsold units in its production plant.

The auto market is going down because of the low sale volume and slow economic activities. Let us know about your opinion on this new offer is this helpful for IMC to increase sale and recover their loss? Comment your opinion in the comment section and stay connected with Auto Deals for more news and updates.