Hyundai by Nishat Group has reported that the company has completed its production plant in Faislabad. According to the details, the CEO of Nishat Group Mian Mansha told the media that production plant can produce 7000 vehicles annually in which cars and light commercial vehicles are included but the latest information came that the plant can produce 15,000 units annually.

Moreover, the investment plan of Hyundai shows that the company has long-term investment plans. The company has invested $150 million at the starting level and have the plan to invest $230 million to enhance the production level and produce more units annually. The company has a plan to boost its production volume from 15,000 units to 30,000 units annually by 2023.

Hyundai has back with long term investment plans. The company has also plan for launching three passenger vehicles in the mid of this year June 2020. in the first phase, the company only introduce 25-30 units of three passenger vehicles.

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