The outbreak of Coronavirus affects almost all over the world. To control the spread of virus countries order for lockdown. In the lockdown no one allowed to go out from home without any reason and only grocery shops are open for specific time. The government allowed only to go out for groceries or other important work. Otherwise, stay at your home for safety precautions.

All of us use car for traveling. The maintenance of the vehicle is very important for smooth driving. The cars need more attention when they are not used for long time. A vehicle is a machine that will perfect when it’s on working. When you have not used your car for many days don’t forget to check your car. These types of machinery are ruin when they are not in working.

Its batter to make a proper schedule even in a week for car maintenance. These days are very tough because if you don’t focus on the safety protection of the car you will face problems. There are no service stations open for providing services so be care full and take time for your vehicle.

As I already told during the lockdown, the service station is closed. Its good to avoid services of other hands in these days you don’t know how they are clean your car. In this pandemic situation, you have to take care of your car by yourself. Maintaining your car at home is not difficult. Some people are frustrate from lockdown and think that their vehicle will damage in lockdown period.

We help you to find the best possible ways to keep clean your vehicle at home. Just follow the below tips and you will be clean your car in a very short time.

Keep Clean Exterior:

The exterior of the car maintains the shine. To keep clean the exterior is not difficult. You can wash your car through the water pipe. Don’t use the pressure of water at your car exterior. It may cause of ruin your car paint. Wash your car exterior with low pressure water and don’t forget to use a good detergent that will never ruin the paint. Clean your car body with detergent. Don’t use an over pressure water pipe. To clean the exterior there are many types of waxes available. Buy a suitable wax and use it for the shine of the exterior.

keep clean exterior

Mirrors are very sensitive your one mistake can ruin the mirrors. Use wet cloth for cleaning mirrors. Many types of mirror cleaner spray are available in the market to buy that one that is good for your mirrors.

Wash Car Tires:

wash car tire

The cleansing of tires is very important its also included in the shine of the car. The dirty tires never work well. You can use a soft brush to clean your tires. Don’t use a sharp detergent on tires. Not all types of detergents are good for the tire. Its batter to use separate material for your tires. You can also wash the rims with brush.

Keep clean Interior:

To clean the interior of your car don’t use water pressure pipe. Take out the floor mats and wash them with detergent but don’t wash seats with detergent. You can clean the interior with dry clothes. If you think that you can wash the floor of the vehicle with a water pipe wash it carefully. These days you should buy cleaning products to clean by yourself.

keep clean interior

There are different sizes of brushes available for the interior. You can also use vacuum to clean your carpet. It’s not compulsory to wash floor mats every week because of safety precautions. If you are never use car on daily basis wash the floor after two eek. You can also use a vacuum whenever you drive your car to go market.

Use brushes to clean the dashboard and AC grill. Don’t wash dashboard with water it may damage your car engine and AC.

Battery Precaution:

battery precaution

All we know that we can’t use our car on a daily basis because of lockdown. These days it’s better to start your vehicle every week for 10 to 15 minutes for battery precaution. Cars battery gets depleted when we didn’t use our car for a long time. The other option is to disconnect your battery from your car to save it. If you never focus on battery precautions it may cause of dead battery.

Keep Fuel Tank Full:

Don’t forget to check your fuel tank. It is very important to keep your vehicle fuel tank full. It will save the fuel tank walls and roofs from rust. It will also helpful for a critical time. Sometimes you have to go urgent and in case of a shortage of fuel, it will be helpful. It’s also increases the life of the engine. The engine needs fuel to be strong and for perfect working.

Short Drive Tour:

It’s not good for us to drive long in these pandemic days but the precautions of cars are also important. Use the safety tips and make a short tour of your vehicle in which 5 to 10 minutes driving. You can also drive in your street it’s important for engine and battery. Don’t forget hand sanitize, face mask, and gloves before start driving. Safety is the first priority for protection.

Put Cover on your Car:

put car cover

The sun rays are not good for the body of the cover. These days your car stand all day in the parking area. If you have a garage it’s better to park your car in the garage. If you don’t have this option park your car outside the door with a car cover. If you don’t want to clean the exterior every week cover will help to save your car.

Final Lines:

The days are very tough for car drivers to keep the car clean. Some people don’t have the idea to clean the car and wait to open the service station. The above information will help them for cleaning car at home. Vehicles are made with running battery system and their machinery needs a running time for perfect working. It does not confirm yet when the government removes lockdown. Don’t leave your car if you don’t want to face the problem. The above tips never take more time. It’s a short time cleaning process and will protect your car. Safety is the key to your car shine and running perfectly.