Driving is joy-full in winters but also tough in winters foggy night. Drive on the snow to lose control of your car because it’s very difficult to drive on the snow. Driving on the slushy roads also dangerous if you did not follow the speed limits and never focused on driving. You should follow the speed limit and driving tips in the winter night. It’s not a common thing to drive in the summer night and winter night. Driving in summer’s night is not difficult because there is no snow, ice and slushy roads in summer, roads are clean in summer and the view is not hidden in the fog. On the other side, you may face many problems in winter driving and the night time driving in winter is the most difficult work. Most of the time people avoid driving in winters but some are like to drive in winter night just to enjoy the weather. Today we are going to tell you about how to drive safely in the winter night.

Make Sure No Technical Issue In Your Vehicle:

Before start driving, you should test your vehicle and make sure there is no technical issue in your vehicle and its batter to inspect the vehicle from a car mechanic. Most of the time car stop at the mid of the road and there is no car workshop to provide you the service so keep carrying a car maintenance box with yourself. Make sure the tires of your car allowed you to drive on the ice and slushy road.

Make Sure Lights Are Working Perfect:

Don’t forget to check out your front and back frog lights. Front and backlights perform a very important role in nigh, especially in the winter night. Make sure the fog lights of your car working perfectly because fog lights are very helpful for driving in foggy nights.

Make Sure Lights Are Working Perfect

Front and backlights show your car on the road to others and helpful for them to keep a distance from your car.

Keep Distance From Other Cars:

Maintain a distance from other cars on the road. Sometimes front cars never see the clear view of the back and it may be the cause of the accident. Mostly the road accidents happened in winters and distance from other cars will help you to take an easily emergency turn.

Keep Distance From Other Cars

Especially in winter, the distance is very important because some times you can’t see the clear view of the front and don’t know the front cars are running or stop.

Keep Warm Clothes In Your Car:

Sometimes you cant drive with your cold hand and it may lose your focus on steering. Make sure the heater of your car working perfectly and the environment of your car is warm for you to drive easily. Keep extra winter clothes if any case you feel cold and the heater is not working perfectly you can cover yourself with warm clothes.

Make Sure Mirrors Are Clean:

Before start driving keeps clean all the mirrors of your car and checks front wipers are working perfectly. Front vipers working is very important especially in winter night and rainy days. Front wipers helps you to scrub mirror and show the clear view if the wipers are not working perfectly you can’t see the clear view of the front and never drive easily.

Make Sure Mirrors Are Clean

Don’t forget to clean the side mirror and windows of your car. Side mirrors help to see the back traffic and also help you to turn easily.

Follow The Speed Limit:

Don’t go fast in winter not just in the night also in the day. Fast driving is not safe in cold weather. Most accidents happened in the winters because people never follow the speed limit. Follow the speed limit to save yourself and others on the road. Most of the time people go fast at night because roads are empty in the night, but some time slushy and ice road happened to slip your vehicle on the road. Sometimes over speed cars never take a sudden brake.