After the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the global auto industry is fall in crisis. The virus is spreading all over the world according to the news 200+ countries are suffering in Coronavirus. The virus is spreading through shaking hands with each other and that’s why companies shut the production plants for safety reasons. The virus has forced the companies to delay all auto events even the biggest Geneva Motor show has also canceled because of the virus. This virus was first found in Wuhan the city of China and after that, it’s speedily spread.

Most of the countries lock down their doors for import and export and pass an order that no one goes for work until they control the virus. The global automotive supply chain is facing the loss because the sale of the vehicle is no more craze for customers. The lockdown of countries is an alarming situation for every industry grocery shop, shopping malls, manufacturing industries everything is shut down and people are restricted to houses only.

The health and security departments in every country try to control the virus and restart the activities because the shutting down of all businesses affects the economy badly.

Supply of vehicles affect after outbreak coronavirus


The supply of vehicle falls 80% in China after the outbreak the coronavirus and Japanese automakers are also surviving in loss the production of the vehicle is closed in Japan. The fear of the virus forces people to stay at home and go to the market. The supply of the automotive industry falls because the entire virus affected countries lock down its import from other countries for safety reasons. Japan is one of the largest suppliers of the vehicle and its parts and the lockdown is badly affects it’s economy and supply chain. The vehicle production plants in Japan are closed because of security reasons and it affects the sale of automakers.

Supply is the biggest income of every economy because they earn through its exports and the automotive industry is very large. When anything bad happened in the world automotive industry affects badly and this time automakers suffer.

The demand for vehicle down

This virus is not only affecting the supply its also impacts the demand because people don’t want to go out of the home. When people are restricted only to houses the demand for products down. The United States is the 2nd largest auto manufacture industry and they also supply the auto parts to other countries but now they have no orders from other countries. Everyone is busy fighting with this virus and it’s the reason for low economic activities.

Previously vehicle is a necessary need of human and now its low demand shows that people can easily live without vehicle and vehicle is not the first priority.

COVID-19 Impact of China Auto Industry:

As I already told that the virus is first found in Wuhan the city of China and at the initial stage of this virus they can’t find the proper medication. China is the biggest supplier of automotive parts all over the world. The products of Chinese are famous all over the world because they provide products at low prices as compared to others. At this stage, China auto industry was down 80% and this is a very tough time for the Chinese economy. They have survived in the loss but never fear of this they fight with a virus and still try to control the virus to spread fast.

The current news about the production activities of China tell that they are restarted its production because they have controlled the virus and for safe the economy it is important to restart the production.

How to restart the supply of automotive

The supple of the automotive industry will restart after the virus is completely finished. The automaker also wants to restart its production and restart its sale of exciting Units. All over the world is waiting to restart its production and maintain the supply. The automotive supply chain will be in proper form when the countries open their door for imports and exports. COVID-19 is the effect on all sectors not only carmakers are survive the supply of raw material and other products that are made in China are completely banned. China is the most famous country in the world to supply auto parts and other products. That is not only loss for China this is the loss of the other countries to run its economy and fulfill the demand for Chinese products.

Final Lines

At the last to control on the COVID-19 is the only reason to restart the economic activities properly. It’s the loss of the world that everything is banned. The auto sector is the need for improvement in manufacturing. All auto manufacturers are connected to each other in different lines some are the same in technology and some are the partner of production and they belong to different parts of the world. This is a critical situation for them to work together. The only possible way to rejoin all of them is to complete the elimination of the COVID-19. I hope fully soon we will see the activities again on the proper line of competition.