Today we are going to discuss Honda CG 125 special edition price & specification with you. Honda motorbikes originally manufactured in Japan but as the like company produces cars in Pakistan they also manufacture motorbikes.

Honda Atlas is very famous in Pakistan because of its motorbikes production. Their motorbike is very popular in Pakistan because it’s available in all ranges. They fulfill the high demand for our motorbikes market. Motorbikes are included in the commuter travel vehicle.

History of Honda CG 125:

Honda starts its motorbikes production in Pakistan in 1992 by the name of Atlas Honda. Since 1992 Honda Pakistan improve its quality and features according to the local market demand. As I already told you its Japanese brand. They invent new ideas and technologies with the time to make their consumer happy. Except for a few changes Honda CG 125 Pakistani have the same CG 125 model as the 1980s Japanese CG 125.

History Honda CG 125

The company has changed its design according to market demand. It has two variants CG Dream and CG 125 Deluxe. Honda CG has strong relationship history in Pakistan. The demand for motorbikes is high in our country as compared to the sedan. It just because motorbikes are available in low price tags.

Honda CG 125 Speed:

CG 125 engine is made with 4 stroke 125cc OHV power. Its engine has an air-cooled motor. The motorbike has an amazing fuel tank capacity of 12.3 liters. It has a constant mesh clutch.

Honda CG 125 Special Edition Price & and Specifications

The latest model comes with 5 gear transmission with a self-start kick and electric start. In Pakistan young generation highly recommend top up speed motorbikes. In the line of motorbikes its popular and gain the market just because of its speed. Honda CG 125 special edition is built according to the consumer market demand.

Honda CG 125 Design:

Honda CG 125 Special Edition Price & and Specifications Honda CG 125 Special Edition Price & and Specifications

The design of the body is highly metered for the consumer. Motorbikes are the young generation craze. If it’s attractive it’s sold on the high demand. Honda CG 125 is two-tone design body red and black. Its alloy rims design is made with silver. The ground clearance of the CG 125 special edition is 133mm. Front and back lights are fitted with the same old theme fashion.

Honda CG 125 Maintenance:

Honda CG 125 Special Edition Price & and Specifications

Maintenance of motorbikes is very important to maintain its speed. After 1000km drive clean your filter and change the oil. You can take this service from any motorbike service station. If you want to spend a long time with your CG 125 don’t forget to change its oil.

Why CG 125 Popular?

Honda CG popular because of its sound. Motorbikes consumers are very happy with good sound and CG 125 special edition sound  is good. It top up speed is 120 km.

Honda CG 125 Special Edition Price & and Specifications

This motorbike speed is enough for kooky motorbike users. Honda motorbikes series are very popular because it gives high-speed performance according to its power. Its special edition offer kick start and electric start option. All these features make Honda CG 125 special in the market.

Honda CG 125 Special Edition Price & and Specifications

Honda CG 125 Price:

Price is increase in special edition because company has add some additional features but still its under the range of its consumer. See below the price of CG 125S and CG 125S SE special edition:

Honda CG 125S Price PKR: 149900

Honda CG 125S SE Price PKR: 151900


Motorbikes production is very fast in our country. It’s very helpful for daily commuters. You can easily travel within the city on your bike. If you want to go out of the city with your motorbike there are many heavy bikes special editions are available in Pakistan. We have the world’s best motorbikes manufacturers in which Suzuki, Honda, and Yamaha are very popular. The planning to introduce electric motorbikes in Pakistan under process. Might be in the coming years you will see Honda Atlas electric motorbikes in Pakistan.