Increasing the strength of the dollar in the international market automakers increases the prices of its vehicle. After IMC Toyota Honda Atlas increases prices of its cars once again.

The company has increased the prices of its cars by up to 120,000. It’s a second time in the year that Honda Atlas increases prices of its cars. Previously Honda increases car prices at the start of 2020. See below the latest price hike of its cars:

Models Current Prices (PKR) Increase (PKR) New Ex-Factory Prices (PKR)
Civic 1.5L Turbo RS 4,479,000 120,000 4,599,000
Civic 1.5L Turbo Oriel 4,249,000 120,000 4,349,000
Civic 1.8L VTI SR SVT 3,779,000 120,000 3,899,000
Civic 1.8L VTI CVT 3,549,000 100,000 3,649,000
City 1.3L MT 2,329,000 60,000 2,389,000
City 1.3L AT 2,509,000 65,000 2,574,000
City 1.5L MT 2,389,000 70,000 2,459,000
City 1.5L AT 2,559,000 70,000 2,629,000
City 1.5L Aspire MT 2,559,000 70,000 2,629,000
City 1.5L Aspire AT 2,719,000 70,000 2,789,000
BR-V MT 2,999,000 80,000 3,079,000
BR-V CVT 3,149,000 90,000 3,239,000
BR-V S CVT 3,299,000 100,000 3,399,000


According to the Honda Atlas notice, the updated price will effect on all orders after 22 April. The customer who didn’t pay the full amount before 23 April will now pay the full amount according to the new price hike. The company has sent the increased price notice to all its dealership across Pakistan. Here is the notice by Honda Atlas Pakistan Limited:

Honda Atlas Increases Prices of Its Cars Once Again


Furthermore, any change in the market situation will also affect the prices oh Honda cars.

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