Mitsubishi e-Evolution is basically an all-electric SUV that is exhibited in the The 2017 Tokyo Motor. Publicized as a technological trial product to exemplify the “strategic directions of a renewed Mitsubishi Motors Corporation (MMC),” the e-Evo takes into account three ‘torqueful’ electric motors – the first one powers the front wheels, and a pair of them at the rear making an innovative Dual Motor Active Yaw Control (AYC) system.

The AYC system generates an electronically powered torque-vectoring function, and all collective, the triple motor layout initiates an only one of its kind Super All-Wheel Control (S-AWC) vehicle dynamic control system. Mitsubishi claims that “high performance cross-country tourer” makes available crusty and dexterous handling in any road situations.

The drive battery is placed under the floor, ‘mid-ship’ of the vehicle to lower the center of gravity, aiding driving stability further. No power or performance figures have been announced just yet, nor is there a claimed range.

As far as the design is concerned, Mitsubishi says that e-Evo holds on an exclusive side profile that has “not been possible before the arrival of electric propulsion.” The packed in electric motors (instead of bulky internal-combustion engines) agrees to a more tremendous packaging, a penetratingly skewed front windscreen and short projections.

Coming to the front, it features a new retained Mitsubishi’s Dynamic Shield design that has a black grille with blue highlights shielded under glass. Cameras and sensors are contained in the grille, whereas outsized air intakes underneath the headlights offer cooling for the electric brake calipers (overriding “traditional” hydraulic calipers).

Under the hood, the e-Evo has a new cockpit with a floating instrument panel and a great touchscreen across the full width of the dashboard. Full-glass windows presents a new 360-degree visibility, similar to a jet fighter, as proclaimed by Mitsubishi.

The e-Evo concept in addition has an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system to supplement the driver’s ability. It makes available an assortment of sensors to comprehend the road conditions and driver intention, by means of an extraordinary driver coaching function that can build up a training program that presents recommendation with the help of  voice dialogue and dash displays.