The Ministry of Overseas Pakistani and Human Resource Development is working to provide a facility to Overseas Pakistani for import one Hybrid or Electric car up to 3000cc with no customs duty.

The government has the plan to convert 30% of cars into electric cars. This new policy is also helpful to promote the electric vehicle policy in Pakistan. The new policy is applied on the Foreign Exchange Remittance Cardholders who remit $ 100,000 over a period of two years will import one Hybrid car with no customs duty. This new policy help to facilitate the overseas Pakistani and also boost the EVs and Hybrid car’s growth in Pakistan.

The proposal to facilitate overseas Pakistani with duty-free electric and hybrid cars in the process. This is a great opportunity for overseas Pakistanis to import the best hybrid or electric car. All these policies are introduced to promote the “Greenfield” policy in Pakistan. Pakistan needs to enhance the electric and hybrid cars in Pakistan to control the import of oil and save money. Hybrid and electric cars also good for the environment because fuel cars produce carbon emission and that is dangerous for the environment.