The government has ordered the securities to take strict action against unregistered vehicles. The Rawalpindi Traffic Police has advised the general public to get registered their vehicles before 15th January 2020. After 15th January 2020 the person who did not register the vehicle, the vehicle will be the lock in the police station. Unregistered vehicles are not allowed to roaming around after 15th January 2020.

Govt Order To Strict Action Against Unregistered Vehicle

In this situation, if your vehicle locked up in the police station you have to register your vehicle from the Excise and Taxation Department and show the documents to the police department and get back your vehicle. The department is never responsible in the case of theft to track your car and motorbike. This is not the first time that authorities take action against the unregistered vehicle, previously authorities worn many times to the public to get verified their vehicle to save from any inconvenience.

Moreover, authorities have forced the public many times to register their vehicle it will help the authorities to trace your vehicle in case of any emergency. Previously authorities locked up many vehicles because the vehicle is not registered. This time the government will never do any favor to anyone.

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