The ministry of climate change has a plan to introduce the import of electric vehicles with the free duty to promote the electric vehicles policy in the country but the local automakers criticized this government policy and said this policy kills the local auto sector.

Ministry of Climate Change has not published this news the confirmation of this policy will be confirmed at the next meeting. The Ministry of Climate Change publish this on their draft but after they criticize it by the Ministry of Industries Ministry of Climate Change drop it down but the good news is they did not stop their policy they are still working on it and thinking about it. If this scheme will apply it a very good to erase the issue of daily increasing the rates of petroleum products. The main reason why the Ministry of Climate Change has to introduce the duty-free import of electric cars is the price of electric cars already very high and not possible for even a normal income people to purchase an electric car with custom duty.

The domestic industry did not accept and criticize because the local auto industry already going down and the sales of local manufacturers lower as the previous and production of local cars also fall. In this situation the if this policy applied consumers move to the electric cars and the local auto industry complete fall.

But if the government arranges the production of electric vehicles in the country it’s also helpful for both the local auto industry and the government and this will also promote the country auto industry.

If the government creating a possibility to manufacture electric vehicles in the country the local manufacturer also agreed and its a high encouragement for the local manufacturer to enhance their production and sales.

In the last month, Malik Amin Adviser to Prime Minister on Climate Change had a meeting with Indus Motor Ali Asgher Jamali to discuss the production of electric vehicles in the country. Malik Amin underlines that the government Policy of Developing Auto Industry 2016-21 is not fit for electric vehicles. Ali Asgher Jamali said that to start production of electric vehicles in the country is the best decision to encourage the local auto industry.