To improve the quality of fuel and control the air pollution government has decided to convert euro 2 into euro 5 petrol. The decision was taken by the Cabinet Committee On Energy (CCOE) on 5 June 2020. To switch euro 2 petrol into euro 5 will help to improve weather conditions and help to control the collision. Euro 5 has the capability to adjust with the weather and improve the performance of the engine, especially in urban areas roads.

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What is Euro 5 Petrol?

In the International automotive market there are 6 standards of fuel:

6 Standard of Petrol:

  1. Euro 1
  2. Euro 2
  3. Euro 3
  4. Euro 4
  5. Euro 5
  6. Euro 6

With the time the need of thing has been changed just like we create advance machinery in vehicles its need to improve the quality of fuel. The usage of Euro 5 helps to improve the engine capacity of your vehicle as well as improve the performance. Euro 5 including in the better stage of fuel and increase the life of your vehicle.

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Euro 5 Standards

This type of fuel including in the high standards because of its high performance. The performance of your vehicle will be going better and fast with euro 5 standards. the decision to switch euro 2 into euro 5 was taken to improve automotive standards and make our fuel standards according to the international level. High-quality fuel is a need for an engine for excellent performance and this change may increase the standards of Pakistan fuel.

Euro 5 Standards

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Government Allowed Euro 5 Fuel Import

To emphasize curb pollution in Pakistan is needful of a good environment and the government has allowed to import euro 5 and announced to manufacture vehicles according to euro 5 standards. The import of Euro 5 will also favorable to meet the international standards of vehicle production. Pakistan State Oil (PSO) fully supports the government in this regard to improves the standards of fuel in Pakistan.

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PM Imran Khan Decided to Shift Pakistan to Euro 5

PM Imran Khan has decided to shift Pakistan into high fuel standards. Euro 5 is much cleaner then euro 2 and its performance is better than the euro 2. It’s the aim of the government to take Pakistan automotive industry at the international level and makes our name in the popular vehicle production line. Due to the lake of resources, we are laying at the low standards of vehicle production and the step to import euro 5 will also helpful for automakers to use advanced machinery and vehicles.

PM Imran Khan Decided to Shift Pakistan to Euro 5

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PSO to Begin the Import of Euro 5 Fuel

The great news has come from Pakistan State Oil (PSO) that the company has established Pakistan’s first euro5 fuel station in Karachi. PSO is the first Oil Marketing company that offers fuel euro 5 petrol in Pakistan. The company has fulfilled its promise and the first shipment of euro 5 had reached in Pakistan. This high-grade fuel will improve engine performance, reduce vehicle emission, and help to clean the environment from pollution.

PSO to Begin the Import of Euro 5 Fuel

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Is Euro 5 Safe for Local Manufactured Vehicles?

The question arises in mind that is euro 5 safe for the locally manufactured vehicle? because locally manufactured vehicles never meet the quality of the international vehicle. In this regard before allowed the euro 5 import in Pakistan government has pass order to local automakers now will produce vehicles that have the power to run with euro 5. While the local automakers ask for more time to shift engine euro 2 to euro 5. To maintain the balance local companies should adopt the advanced engine machinery that will perform better with high standard fuel.

According to the Federal Minister of Climate Change, Malik Amin Aslam Pakistan enters the new era and it will help to clean our environment from smog. Furthermore, he said this new policy will be applicable from 1st August to upgrade fuel and the standards of diesel will upgrade from 1st January 2021.

Is Euro 5 Safe for Local Manufactured Vehicles

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Benefits of Euro 5

The step to upgrade fuel standards is a need for our environment because carbon emission creates disease in the environment. See below the benefits of Euro 5:

  • Euro 5 improves performance because it’s clean and makes your engine more powerful.
  • Its performance is excellent on off-road driving.
  • its performance is efficient and smooth.

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The start of euro 5 fuel in Pakistan will cause us to grow our auto market and standards of Pakistan fuel import. Currently, we are far behind as compared to international fuel standards. The endorsement of advanced fuel encourages other well owned international automakers to start production in Pakistan. Meanwhile, local automakers are disagreed with this decision and ask at least 2 years to upgrade engine quality.

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