As we know that the government has the plan to start electric vehicle production in Pakistan. There are many reasons that the government think about this policy. The main reason is to control the import of oil in Pakistan. Electric vehicle use is going to increase in the international market.

Many of the countries already adopt this technology and start producing electric vehicles. The Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC) has called a meeting to discuss the implementation of the National Electric Vehicle Policy (NEVP) in Pakistan. In the last month, the federal cabinet approved the first electric vehicle Policy for Pakistan. The Ministry has the plan to start production on the electric vehicle by 2020.

Prime Minister Imran Khan passed the order to start working on the NEVP because the production of the electric vehicle help to save nature. The carbon emission gas creates pollution in the environment. The price of petrol increased in the international market and Pakistan including in the countries that highly depend on the import of oil. This step will help to save money from it and spend on other projects. Moreover, the ministry added the formation of the inter-ministerial committee on this project to assure that the EV chain is working smoothly. This committee also checks the standardization, regulation, and conformity of infrastructure.

The working speed of the electric vehicle policy shows that the government personally involved in the production of the electric vehicle. The implementation of Electric vehicle policy help to solve out many problems. Pakistan already suffers a severe crisis. The increase in inflation affects the economy. Increasing petrol prices create a problem for the public. The government has also plan to introduce electric motorbikes and rickshaws in Pakistan.

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