The outbreak of coronavirus has changed our minds and daily routine of life almost the COVID-19 is spread across the world very fast. Safety is very important in this situation and all health departments suggested doing not to go out from home stay at your homes and save lives. Only leave your home when you needed if you want some grocery and other essentials of life that are need otherwise stay at your home because expect home nothing is safe these days.

According to the information the virus is spread through touch thing so keep clean your car because it may a cause of spreading the virus if you don’t clean your car. We prefer you to clean your car in COVID-19 manually to make sure there are no hands touches on your car.

Tips to Clean your Car:

These days all most all auto workshops are closed and if any workshop is open don’t give your car on other hands for cleaning, wash your car by yourself to ensure that you have clean every single part of the car that is using while driving. Below are some tips to clean your car by yourself:

  • Wear gloves while cleaning your car
  • Wash your car body with soap or use germs free soup
  • Don’t wash electric parts with water use brush or dry cloth for clean electric parts
  • Wash floor mats with soap to make sure you can clean them well
  • Use a suitable spray for interior cleaning
  • Follow the gaudiness of washing your car interior
  • Use sanitizer spray whenever you touch door handles of your car
  • Use warm water to clean the body
  • Use sanitizer spray for interior cleaning
  • Wash your hand 20 seconds after washing your car

Things Avoid To Use for Car Wash:

The exterior and interior of the car are sensitive if you use the wrong products to wash your car it may cause to damage your car. Here is something you should avoid to use for a car wash:

  • Avoid bleach and other peroxide-based products to clean your car
  • Don’t wash the front bumper with high-pressure water it may cause to damage the engine
  • Don’t use chlorine bleach to wash the seats because it damaged the fabric of seats
  • Inside part of the car is sensitive so avoid ammonia-based cleanser for inside car cleaning
  • Don’t wash the interior with water clean it with the dry cloth or use sanitizer spray
  • Avoid using wax or polisher directly on your car

Tips you should follow while driving in COVID-19:

As all, we know that the coronavirus is very dangerous and our safety government has lockdown the country and allowed us to leave home in some emergency conditions. If you go out from home here are some simple tips to save from COVID-19:

  • Wash your hands before going
  • Use sanitizer when sitting in the car
  • Wear hand gloves while driving
  • Avoid social talking
  • Avoid gathering of people
  • Maintain social distance while talking with others

Final words:

Coronavirus is first found in Wuhan China in November 2019 and it spread very fast because the virus spread through touching. This is a reason why the government forced the people to stay at your homes but for food and other emergency work like going to hospital or work is needed in this situation don’t be careless with your safety. Use the above simple tips to wash your car before driving and also care for yourself while driving.

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