After increasing the petrol prices by the government, the hi-Octane price in Pakistan has seen low at different petrol stations. Earlier when the fuel price was lower in the country, the hi-octane price has been a stay at Rs 150 per liter across the country.

The change in prices is surprising news because Oil Marketing Company never agreed anytime to decrease the price of hi-octane.

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Hi-Octane Price In Pakistan:

Hi-octane is available at different prices at different fuel stations. The biggest change of Rs 45 has seen at the Pakistan State Oil (PSO) station they set the price of hi-octane at Rs 105 per liter.

  • Total Fuel Station: Rs 125 per liter
  • Shell Fuel Station: Rs 126 per liter


Pakistan State Oil (PSO) stated that the company will introduce Euro5 fuel in Pakistan to continue revolutionizes fuels. Companies have silently reduced hi-octane price in Pakistan and never advertise the decrease prices. Oil Marketing companies reduce prices to create space and liquidate the stock. It’s great news that Oil Marketing companies cooperate with the government to introduce euro5 in Pakistan.

Benefits of Euro5:

The introduction of euro5 helps to improve the engine performance of the car. The use of euro5 in cars decrease vehicle emission and makes our environment clear and clean. Driving with euro5 increases the speed of the vehicle with high fuel efficiency.