As the other auto manufacturers increase the prices of its vehicle DFSK Prince also increases the price of its SUV Glory 580T. Prince hikes the price from PKR 3,650,000 to PKR 3,750,000 its means the company hikes the PKR 100,000. The new price of 3,750,000 will apply from 15th November as the company announced.

Here is the official notice sent by the DFSK Prince Motors to all dealership across Pakistan:


DFSK Prince Motors Increase the Price of Its SUV Glory 580T


New price is applied from 15th November, the previous orders are delivered at the old price and the company also mentioned that the purchase orders of the bank received before 20th November also deliver at old price PKR 3.650,000. there are no transportation charges and transit insurance cost added in the old price.

According to the details, DFSK mentioned that we increase the price because of the change in fiscal policies and new taxes imposed by the government. The devaluation of rupee value against dollar effect the custom duty. After all of these expenses the cost of vehicle increase that’s why company increase the price.

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