DFSK Prince has been officially launched Glory 580 Pro in December 2020. The company has revealed its all hidden features, specification and also disclosed the price of the vehicle. This is the first 7-seater Pakistan for Pakistan’s local auto market. This compact SUV brings exciting features and specifications for its customers and available at a low price as compared to its competitors.


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Engine & Transmission

This 7-seater compact SUV is equipped with 1.5L engine power and can produce a maximum output of 150hp at 5600 RPMs and 220Nm of torque at 4000RPMs. For smooth and comfortable driving the engine is paired with the CVT transmission.

Only Front Wheel Drive (FWD) option available in this vehicle and its FWD allows you to drive on the mountains road. The vehicle is not perfect for driving on the off-road.

Engine & Transmission

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The SUV is offering you 7 persons seating capacity. A 9-inch Floating HD infotainment screen fitted in the dashboard that is making the whole dashboard very elegant and luxurious. The 9-inch touchscreen offer you to control several features like audio and calls through the touchscreen. Front passenger and driver can adjust their seat electronically according to their comfort zone. There is an electronic button available that will help you to adjust your seat and provides you a comfortable long journey.


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Glory 580 Pro Features

The vehicle is offering very exciting features that we have never seen before in the local manufacture vehicles.

Cruise Control

The vehicle is offering you a cruise control feature to adjust the speed of the vehicle and enjoy a smooth ride. The cruise control function is also very helpful for fuel-saving and very efficient to control the speed limit.


One of the most advanced features of this vehicle is an i-talk function. This function allows you to control several car features by your voice in which car windows open/close, music play/stop, call reject/attend and AC control included. You don’t need to move again and again you can just control your vehicle by your voice.

Front Lamps

The company has installed advanced front lamps in 580 Pro. Height Adjustment Front Headlights with LED Lens offers you a comfortable driving at night. You can adjust headlights height according to your comfort.

Side Mirrors

DFSK Prince offers electronic plus heated side-view mirrors. Heated side-view mirrors are fitted in this vehicle that is very helpful in winters driving. Heated side-view mirrors remove fog from the mirrors electronically and show you a clear view of the back.

Parking Sensor

The company has resolved the parking issue and provide 4 parking sensors in this vehicle. These parking sensors help you to park your vehicle at the right place and save your vehicle.


There are 4 air-bags available in the vehicle for the safety of passengers and drivers. These air-bags make 580 Pro a very safe and comfortable SUV.

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Glory 580 Pro Price

The price of the car is low as compared to its competitors but higher than expected. Prince Motors offered this vehicle with a price tag of Rs4,549,000. The vehicle will compete with the market of Hyundai Tucson and KIA Sportage. The price of both competitive vehicles higher than Glory 580.

Glory 580 Pro Price

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The launch of this first 7-seated vehicle will be to create a new line of 7-seated vehicles in Pakistan. However, the vehicle is not recommended for off-road driving as its competitors are offering off-road driving but still, its advanced and latest features grab the attention of consumers.

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