We all know that for a very long time in Pakistan, the Corolla XLi and Corolla GLi have stayed the much preferred of many automotive consumers. Back in 2001-2002 when Indus Motors debuted 9th generation Corolla, The Toyota introduced both XLi and GLi variant. And in view of the fact, this Corolla variant has reserved the name for branding it a slighter by company.

Toyota Pakistan has as a final point of making  mind up to liberate these two models as per said by the rumors. Plus it is not just concerning to killing the name. Rumors put forward that Toyota Indus is eventually maing a decidion to kill the 1300cc Corolla. As an alternative, a new 1300cc Toyota model will be put forward.

For the time being, people are signifying that it is going to be some sort of Honda City challenger. So it could be each a Yaris or a Vios. And in view of the fact that Toyota in Pakistan is personally bonded with Toyota Thailand, it can be taken in account that 2018 Toyota Vios will be the debuted one.

We would like to suggest that for currently the news is not deep-rooted and more often a rumors. That’s why it is advised not to build false hopes.Because related rumors surfaced but nil came about ,a couple of years.So let’s expect it takes place this time.