A vehicle registration process is very important for all vehicle like car vehicle, bike vehicle without registration no vehicle hit on the road. This is a law and every vehicle is bound to accept this law and this law implemented in all over Pakistan every city.

Getting a new car is a very happy and exciting moment to choose the car, mode, color etc. but the real challenge is to register the car you have to get the registration of your car from Motor Registration Authority in your city. The car registration process is a little complicated process for those who don’t have any idea about the car registration process. All car registered data is available on the website of Motor Registration Authority (MRA) and you can see it easily on the web.

If you are not registered your car there is no record of your car on Motor Registration Authority and they can take legal action against your car anytime and this will land you in trouble.

Concerned to Government Department

Any type of transport is called motor vehicle tax which is collecting during the process of motor vehicle registration fees. It is restricted to pay an annual tax of your vehicle but first, you have to register your vehicle with excise and taxation department of your city. You can search the branch of vehicle registration near you and also you can download the online application form of registration of your province and submit it.

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Documents require for car registration in Lahore

After the process of excise and taxation, the next step is legal your documents and these are the important papers you have to submit to the department

  1. Copy of National Identity Card (NIC)
  2. Write an application letter to the excise and taxation department for registration
  3. Verification of your purchase which can be in these form
    • Sales receipts of your vehicle
    • Sale certificate (local purchase)
    • Registration book, bill of lading and bill of entry ( Imported vehicle)
    • Auction voucher
  1. Residential prof which can be in form of:
  • CNIC
  • Rent agreement
  • Registry
  • Allotment letter
  • Telephone or electricity bill

Note: these documents are compulsory of you are non-residential.

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Fees of vehicle registration in Lahore

The fees of vehicle registration are varied location to location and also its depend on the factors of cars like car’s worth, its size whether it is local or imported. You can also check the excise and taxation fee on the website of the Motor Registration Authority. When you receive the confirmation notifying against your documents you can acquire the computerized form ‘F’ from the Key Punch Operator (KPO) and you can also download it from the website of excise and taxation. The fee payment procedures are very easy you can deposit it any of the specified branches Of National Bank of Pakistan or State Bank of Pakistan.

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Vehicle inspection

When you fulfill all the process of registration and successfully paid the registration fees, your vehicle is going through the physical examination by the inspector and after all the process of registration Key Punch Operator (KPO) assigned your documents to the counter and you can receive from there.

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